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After stopping briefly at Alicia's the Surfer goes to see Doctor Strange. Strange uses a spell to take them into the Surfer's mind in an attempt to find his emotional block and why his memories are missing. In his mind is Zenn-La, everything petrified. He finds Norrin Radd.
Norrin Radd speaks to them. He is angry of the realization that Shalla Bal is gone and was an illusion. The Surfer tries to merge with Norrin but some force prevents him. Before Norrin passes, the Surfer is able to get a fragment of his mental energy. The Surfer and Doctor Strange soon realize there is a barrier around the Surfer's mind. 
The Surfer tries to break the barrier and learn the truth against Strange's advice. The barrier blocks him and he is met by Galactus. He says that this information is for him to know and not the Surfer. Galactus attacks them both and they are forced to retreat out of the Surfer's mind.
But Strange has managed to keep the piece of mental energy and gives it to the Surfer. It only restored his emotions briefly but gave him hope. He departs and returns to Alicia's.

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