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The Silver Surfer is contemplating his upcoming journey to another universe when he is met by the Watcher. The Watcher knows about the rift in the universe and wishes to record as much information on the Surfer's journey as possible. He informs the Surfer that his people have long known about the rift and once sent a member inside, who never returned.

The Surfer enters the breach and at first it is euphoric. Time and space swirl around him but soon the temporal winds pick up. They burn and try to push him off his board and his course. He begins melting into his board before he lands on a cliff on a distant planet.

The board lands and the Surfer pours out of it. He is found by a local named Khirn who believes this is a test and he must fix the 'Gleambody,' or the Silver Surfer. He carries the Surfer to his home, leaving the board behind.

Light years away on the planet Virezk, the Congregational has arrived. The people run in fear and pray for their lives to their Uni-Lord.

The Uni-Lord is meeting with his Dark Counsel. He has recently been through pain over his recent disturbance. He wants information from the Counsel, and pays the price to get it - one of the souls from the Congregational. The Dark Counsel informs the Uni-Lord that indeed a being has broken though from another universe, and this being is a threat.

Back at the Surfer's board, Harquis Tey and the Iridian Rebels have arrived to investigate. They leave it behind when it will not speak and follow a similar energy signature away from it. They follow it back to the home of Khirn. Tey informs them that the being in his possession may very well be their savior.

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