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Pre-Crisis Origin

The Nemesis of the Freedom Fighters
The Nemesis of the Freedom Fighters

When the Freedom Fighters fist arrive at Earth 1 they are immediately put in a situation to fight the Silver Ghost as he and his henchmen plan on taking over New York City. His first conflict doesn't go well but he is able to escape and when he meets them again he turns Doll Man, Phantom Lady and Black Condor into silver.

Post Crisis Origin

A Nazi leader on Earth -X, Raphael Van Zandt was double crossed by Rod Reilly (Firebrand 1) a resistance leader who posed as a Nazi sympathizer. When the war ended on Earth -X, Van Zandt traveled to Earth-1 in an attempt to track Reilly down. During his inter-dimensional trip, Van Zandt received his powers.

Van Zandt became the Silver Ghost and began hounding the Freedom Fighters, believing they would reveal Reilly's whereabouts. When the Freedom Fighters eventually met up with Firebrand, the Silver Ghost moved in for the kill, hiring the Secret Society of Super Villains to destroy the Freedom Fighters. In a face to face confrontation, both Reilly and the Silver Ghost were transformed into silver statues. Where these statues have been hidden for safe keeping are unknown.

Justice League of America

Silver Ghost is no longer a silver statue and battles members of The Justice League. This encounter takes place prior to The New 52 relaunch.

Convergence: Plastic Man and The Freedom Fighters

Silver Ghost battles Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters during the convergence of different eras fighting each other for their lives. It is unrevealed how Van Zandt reversed the silver process that placed him into a silver statue or if the battle with The Freedom Fighters took place on a portion of Earth X. With the Rebirth it is unknown when The Silver Ghost will appear.

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