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After the events of the House of M, Quicksilver finds himself mostly responsible for the de-powering of most of the world's Mutant population. He is also powerless, and depressed. Where once he lived his life permanently in the fast lane, he now finds himself as slow as any normal human. With nowhere to go Pietro travels to the moon to visit his Inhumans wife Crystal and their daughter Luna. While he is there he hatches a plan to regain his lost abilities and more with the Inhuman's sacred Terrigen Mists. After acquiring the mists, he finds himself re-powered, but not how he used to be. He can now hyper-accelerate every aspect of his body so that he could now travel through time. With the Terrigen Crystals in hand he travels back to Earth with his daughter and Lockjaw. Back on Earth he dangerously exposes himself and his daughter (who the Inhuman high council did not believe it was safe to go through the process of Terrigenesis as she is half human) to the mists multiple times.

Later, Quicksilver travels to the now broken island nation of Genosha where he offers to re-power several of the de-powered mutants that were living there. The process, however, is not meant for humans and proves fatal to at least one of the mutants exposed. Others were trapped or haunted by their powers rather than living freely again as they had hoped. After a mutant that carried the powers of all the de-powered mutants came to Genosha to re-power Magneto, SHIELD took the crystals that generated the mists, leaving Quicksilver with only a small portion of them. The Inhuman leader Black Bolt came to Gensoha at the same time to request the return of the mists to their rightful place. SHIELD, understanding what a powerful weapon they may have in the Terrigen Mists, announced that they were now the property of the United States government. The Inhumans announce that this is a declaration of war upon them, and that they will act upon the situation. By stealing the Mists from them, the Inhumans believe that the first shot in a war has been fired. As the Mists are the cornerstone of their tradition and civilization, they will do anything they have to in order to restore the mists.

For further reading see: House of M and Son of M

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