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Silas was a rookie Mandalorian Mercenary Army who served under jango Fett on the battle of Korda-6. The mission was to rescue members of the Korda Defense Force, but it was a trap set by the Death Watch. The Death Watch ambushed the Mandalorians upon landing and their leader, Jaster Mereel, was mortally wounded. Montross who was Jaster's second in command left him to die in a bid to take power for himself. Silas objected Montross's claims and said Jango Fett should lead the True Mandalorians. The other survivors agreed with Silas and continued to serve under Jango. He would continue to fight alongside his friend and mentor until the Death Watch set them up again by slaughtering locals on the planet Galidraan. A Jedi strike team led by Count Dooku came to answer the reports of marauding mercenaries. All were killed except for Silas and Jango, who killed many Jedi with his bare hands. Twelve years after the incident on Galidraan, he was sought out by Count Dooku. The former Jedi was now a Sith Lord and wanted information on Jango. SIlas was tortured beyond what most men could handle, but in the end he succumbed when injected with a powerful truth serum and told Dooku everything he knew. Afterward Count Dooku had Silas killed and summoned Jango Fett.

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