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The One Where Obama Provides Play-by-Play Commentary

What you need to know: This is part three of Siege. I haven't been too fond of this series because A) a lot of the Avengers titles have Siege banners but don't really tie-in at all and B) I value characterization over action. I felt like another issue would let things breathe a bit better. However, I have come to terms that upcoming tie-ins would provide characterization moments, and I should enjoy the spectacle for what it is. Bendis always claimed that this was an action-driven event. Finally, I suggest reading Dark Avengers #15 first for a bit more background.

The Good:
- The government isn't sitting this out. I like that such a huge event draws the attention of those in power. That makes sense. They also serve as the narrator in this issue to fill those readers in who have jumped on for issue three.
- Olivier Copiel's art is fantastic. There are times where I would love some more background detail so I know I'm in Asgard, but he captures the epic brutality wonderfully. It's a hectic scene that would crumble a lesser artist. The second-best looking book out there this week (sorry, I just love Patrick Gleason). A full star just for the art. A half-star for the beautiful two page spread near the end. You'll know it when you see it.
- Captain America and company showing up. It's a big beat.
- The gang's back together. A lot of comic fans will mark out for that moment among others.
- Norman's face, 'nuff said.
- Spider-Man, 'nuff said.
- "Toldja," 'nuff said.
- The last page.

The Bad:
- Love the idea of the government in the first few pages, but it keeps up as a full on play-by-play in case you can't look at the art. I hate when an excessive amount of words clutter good art. A half-star deduction for Bendis and his use of words.
- I expected more from Norman Osborn. I wanted that Osborn versus Avengers showdown. I shouldn't be surprised because Bendis has more than tipped his hand in the Avengers books at to what the real showdown is, but I had hopes.
- Thor/Sentry and Captain America/Iron Patriot happen here, but I wanted more than a few panels. I'm greedy like that. Hopefully a tie-in issue will show some battles.

This is a better issue than the past two, but I'm a bit underwhelmed with Norman being brushed aside here. As I said, I shouldn't be too surprised, but I expected more after Marvel put time into building him up beyond just a Spider-Man villain. I've complained about wanting more with this event, but this time I wanted to see more of the action. I would've liked to see either less Presidential play-by-play or a super-sized issue to flesh out some more of these epic battles (instead I'll have to buy tie-ins), but overall the issue is still the best so far. The ending should be explosive.    

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