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The Emerald Archer's Silver Age adventures get the spotlight! This volume reprints stories from ADVENTURE COMICS #250-266, 268-269, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #50, 71, 85, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #4, and WORLD'S FINEST #95-140. Along with his sidekick Speedy, see Green Arrow take on all manner of crime in Star City!


The Green Arrows of the World

Green Arrow Vs. Red Dart

The Case of the Super-Arrows

Five Clues to Danger

The Mystery of the Giant Arrows

Prisoners of Dimension Zero

The Menace of the Mechanical Octopus

The Green Arrow's Last Stand

The War that Never Ended

The Unmasked Archers

The Green Arrow's First Case

The Arrows that Failed

Crimes Under Glass

Superboy Meets the Young Green Arrow

The Arrow Platoon

The Case of the Green Error Clown

The Green Arrow's Mystery Pupil

Green Arrow's New Partner

The Battle of the Useless Inventions

The Curse of the Wizard's Arrow!

The Case of the Camouflage King!

The World's Worst Archer!

Have Arrow - Will Travel!

Challenge of the Phantom Bandit

The Green Arrow Robin Hood

Alias Chief Magic Bow

The Amateur Arrows!

The Case of the Vanishing Arrows!

The Mighty Mr. Miniature

The Underwater Archer!

The Crimes of the Pneumatic Man

The Green Arrow in King Arthur's Court

The Comic Book Archer!

The Menace of the Mole Men

The Creature from the Crater

Prisoners of the Giant Bubble

The Sinister Spectrum Man

The Crimes of the Clock King

The Spy in the Arrow-Cave

The Amazing Miss Arrowette

Green Arrow's Alien Army

The Ape Archer

Doom of the Star Diamond

The Cartoon Archer

The Return of Miss Arrowette

The Man with the Magic Bow

The Deadly Trophy Hunt

The Cop Who Lost His Nerve

The Booby-Trap Bandits

The Man Who Foretold Disaster

The case of the Crime Specialists

the Man who Degfed Death

Dupe of the Decoy Bandits

Green Arrow's Secret Partner

the Too-Old Hero

The Iron Archer

The Human Sharks

A Cure for Billy Jones

The Green Arrow Dummy

The Thing in the ArrowCave

The Mystery of the Missing Inventors

The Magician Boss of the Incas

Wanted - the Capsule Masters!

The Secret Face of Funny-Arrow

The Land of No Return

The Wrath of Thunderbird

The Senator's Been Shot!

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