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Cover pencils by Barry Kitson, inks by John Stokes. No Mercy! starring Eradicator, script by Karl Kesel, pencils by Greg LaRocque, inks by Stan Woch. Reunions starring Claw, script by Steven Seagle, pencils by Shannon Londin-Gallant, inks by Tom Simmons. Homecoming starring The Question, script by Dennis O'Neil, art by Rick Burchett; Vic returns to the orphanage where he grew up and finds one of his former "brothers" terrorizing a nun.

Eradicator – No Mercy

A villain group named Team Turmoil takes hostages at the S.T.A.R. Labs daycare center. The Eradicator comes on the scene, and begins to brutally disable the Team. While tearing through them with no mercy, the Eradicator remembers back to his time as David Connor, and the love his wife and children showed him. Team Turmoil surrender, and try to just escape alive. As the Eradicator is about to kill the villain that hires Team Turmoil, Connor’s twin sons come up to shop him. In shock, Eradicator leaves as the San Francisco police arrive on the scene.

Claw – Reunions

While in a bar in Alice Springs, Australia, Meridian asks her Leymen teammate Claw why he’s hunted by the Hong Kong police. While Claw is tight-lipped to Meridian, his mind drifts back to his days when he went up against the Hong Kong mafia. Claw’s friend Huang Tsao Wei was being extorted by the mafia, and Claw stood up to them. The mafia strike back when Claw is having tea with his estranged mother. Claw slaughters the mafia, and escapes both the tea room and Hong Kong.

Question – Homecoming

Question returns to Hub City, to find a former sister of his orphanage in trouble. While visiting the old orphanage, Question discovers that someone has broken into the orphanage. The criminals are being led by Ricky, an old adversary of the Question’s when he was an orphan. Rocky has returned to get some revenge on Sister Balbina, but the Question steps in and stops him. Even after stopping Ricky, Sister Balbina remains as sour to the Question as ever.

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