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While discovering the Grand Canyon, Firehair is attacked by a mountain lion. Firehair defeats the mountain lion, but is wounded. Firehair staggers to a campfire, and find the braves around the campfire are expecting him!

The evil shaman
The evil shaman

We find the tribe at the campfire is run by an evil shaman. The shaman sent the mountain cat after Firehair to kill him. Seeing that the lion did not succeed, the shaman takes a voodoo doll of Firehair and plunges it into water. Firehair gasps for breath as he feels his lungs fill with water. Firehair is weakened, and the tribe brings him to a pedestal surrounded by deadly snakes. They leave him there to sleep, and when he awakes, they bring him to a deep abyss.

When they arrive, the spirit of the coyote god appears to the Indians. The coyote god says that Firehair must face He-That-Holds-The-World at the Black Pool. Having no choice, Firehair is brought to the Black Pool, a cave filled with ice. They tie Firehair to a stalagmite, and flee as He-That-Holds-The-World breaks through the ice. He-That-Holds-The-World is a giant turtle, the size of a house. Firehair breaks free of the stalagmite, and the tremor caused by the stalagmites' break causes the chamber to cave in.

Firehair awakes, to find all of his ordeals a dream. When he arrived at the campfire, he was in fact delirious with infection from the mountain lion attack. The tribe at the campfire, Navajo, nursed him back to health.







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