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Chapter I: In the Beginning…

At Elmond University, brothers Don and Hank Hall attend a rally to bring the troops home. Don’s group perform a peaceful rally, while Hank’s group is more violent, causing the police to be called. Meanwhile, at the Elmond County Courthouse, their father Judge Irwin Hall rules with a stern hand. When they all return home, the criminals involved with Judge Hall’s trial against Mr. Dargo throw a bomb in the window. The explosion catches Judge Hall. Don stays with his father until the paramedics arrive, while Hank chases the thugs, but is unable to catch up. Judge Hall is brought to the hospital, where both the Hall family and the police watch over him.

Chapter II: A Voice… A Voice…

The Voice
The Voice

The next day, while on campus, Hank Hall catches a glimpse of the thug that threw the bomb. He drags Don along as they trail the thug. While trying to break into the thugs’ warehouse, Don and Hank find themselves trapped in a storage room. They try everything they can to get out, including taking a makeshift crowbar to the door. Hank gets more and more angry, while Don remains calm.

While stuck in the room, a disembodied voice contacts them. The voice asks them what they wish. Hank wants to be able to smash the criminals responsible, while Don wants to save his father. The voice calls them a “hawk” and a “dove,” and imbues them with superpowers, including new costumed identities: Hawk and Dove.

Whenever injustice strikes you need only speak your names – “Hawk” and “Dove” – and you shall be transformed into these high-powered identities! But also know you this – the transformation will not occur if there be no injustice present! And thus you cannot use your powers for personal gains!

Hawk uses his superhuman strength to break down the door holding them in, and the duo rush to their father’s hospital.

Chapter III: The Birds Fly!

Hawk and Dove arrive at the hospital to find Mr. Dargo’s thugs about to kill their father. The two intervene, and over the course of the fight Dove is pushed out the hospital room window. Dove does some acrobatics to return to the fight, but it lets Hawk thing that Dove has abandoned the fight. Dove tries to talk the thugs out of killing Judge Hall, while Hawk knocks them out, saving his father.

Hawk and Dove duck out as they are transformed back to Hank and Don. When they return, they find the police on the scene taking out Mr. Dargo’s men. As the police interview Judge Hall, the judge recounts what had happened. When referencing Hawk and Dove, he mentions that, while he is happy they saved his life, that no one should be able to take the law into their own hands. He says that Hawk and Dove should turn themselves in. Hank and Don overhear, and have different takes. Don wants to give up heroics, but Hank thinks his father is wrong.


  • "Billy" by Henry Boltinoff

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