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The Trigger Twins – Sheriff on a Spot!

In a show of bait-and-switch, Wayne Trigger is dressed up as his brother, Sheriff Walt Trigger, and vice versa. Prior to the story, Walt Trigger, the sheriff of Rocky City, resigned. However, his twin brother Wayne refused to let the resignation through. So, he is dressed up as his brother in order to show the town that the sheriff is still on duty. What Wayne does not know is that Doc Doom is going to arrive on the 3:35 from Pecos, and is gunning for Walt.


Over the course of the Trigger Twins’ history, it’s always been Walt that has gotten credit for Wayne’s bravery. The reason why Walt became sheriff was to prove to himself that he could carry on. Wayne convinces Walt to take back the sheriff’s badge, and Walt agrees.

So now Walt, as sheriff, waits for Doc Doom to arrive. And sure enough, Doc Doom comes gunning for the sheriff, but also brings his gang hiding. Wayne, also dressed as sheriff, spies on Doc Doom and finds the ambush. While Wayne takes on the Doc’s men, Walt takes on Doc. Even though the Doc shoots the guns out of Walt’s hands, Walt decks Doc, taking him down in front of town. Both brothers feel accomplished.

Reprint from All-Star Western v1 #101

Epics of the Texas Rangers – Panhandle Terror!

Joe Freitas was considered one of the most terrifying outlaws in all of Texas. In 1879, Freitas killed panhandler after panhandler, extorting those that had money. The Texas Rangers planned a trap for Freitas, and Ranger John Kelson captured the “panhandle terror.”

Reprinted from All-American Western #125

Johnny Thunder – Unseen Allies!

John Tane, kidnapped
John Tane, kidnapped

Raze Ruin and his gang are coming to Mesa City. They aim to kill Sheriff Tane and Johnny Thunder and take over the town. They plan on kidnapping someone from Mesa City, then lead Tane and Thunder into an ambush. The gang kidnap schoolmaster John Tane, not realizing that he is in actuality Johnny Thunder.

The gang trusses up Tane in Blind Man’s Canyon. With one guard left, Tane’s whistle brings Black Lightnin’, Johnny Thunder’s horse. The horse rams the last guard, and then unties Tane. Tane changes into Johnny Thunder, and rides to stop the ambush.

Back at Mesa City, Sheriff Tane gets a note about his son. He rides off to rescue his son, when he meets up with Johnny Thunder. Johnny warns of the ambush, but it comes too late. The two are under fire, with Black Lightnin’ taking a bullet meant for Thunder. Thunder plays possum, which lures the gang to him. He drops the gang members, then defeats Raze Ruin one-on-one.

Reprinted from All-American Western #104

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