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Average Joe
Average Joe

Joe Hamill was a stereotypical construction worker in Gotham City. One day he worked on the demolition of a burned down building, where the "supervillian" Tony Finch lived.

He and his best pal Mike openly ogled a passer-by pretty hot woman. She cursed them and walked away.

When they were about leaving, Joe noticed the strange looking device on the debris. A shining gold dial have only four letters in them: H-E-R-O. Joe was fascinated by device. Not knowing what it was and what it was able to do. He incautiously dialed in H... E... R... while sitting in the back of a moving truck passing over a bridge leaving Gotham.

The activation of the H-E-R-O device accompanied a bright flash, puff of smoke and the transformation. The transformation caused him to fall out of the truck and dropping the Hero dial into the water bellow.

Next thing he knew: Joe had become an electrifying, beautiful babe, complete with a revealing costume and the figure to fill it, and, having lost the mystical dial, he has no way to transform back into his manly self.


Shocking Suzi was created by writer Will Pfeifer and penciler Leonard Kirk.

Character Evolution

Joe Hamill has one of the most interesting character Evolution because it allows him to literally get inside the mind of a woman. Joe goes from being a stereotypical construction worker to someone who is very extra ordinary. This time also allows him to become a understanding and all-around good guy, or girl.

Major Story Arcs


Being in shock, she lost sight of the H-Dial device and flew to girlfriend Amy Walker's home. She crash landed through her window, but was unharmed without a scratch from the broken glass. Amy Walker was scared and confused about a buxom woman claiming to be her guy. So Amy kicked Joe out of the house. But given the revealing hero costume she was wearing. Amy did at least give her some clothes to wear.

Later Joe crash landed on the roof of an abandoned building in a bad part of Gotham. And while complaining about Amy's clothes not fitting due to being too stacked to wear anything she had given. Due to having a body like Power Girl. Joe was wondering where Power Girl got her clothes. But that thought was interrupted by two robbers with a bag of cash showing up on the roof. One of the thugs grabbed her boobs and said he knew how to handle her. He showed the thug otherwise by electrocuting him and his friend. The thugs shot at Joe, but Joe used her new found powers to repel the bullets. And left them laying for the cops to find.

Morning After
Morning After

Not knowing where to go, she visited her friend and fellow construction worker, Mike. She explained the situation, and he promised to help. They shared too many beers and both got drunk. She woke up after 4AM next to Mike not remembering anything that had happened. Joe freaked out and beat Mike up. Yet not wanting to accidentally fry him with her electrical powers, she left.

Shortly thereafter, she realized the H-Dial was the only thing which could return her to normal. So she tried to find it. She flew into the river by the bridge where she had lost the dial. Not being able to find the dial, she shouted "No" and electrocuted a lot of fish. Joe's hero costume got all dirty and wet. So feeling hopeless, Joe again went to her girlfriend for help. Showing up at her door all pathetic looking, with seaweed hanging from her. Amy took pity and decided to hear what she had to say. After Joe told her things only he could know. Amy believed her story. Amy helped Joe shop for civilian clothes at a specialty shop for full figured women. The shop's name was More Too Love. Despite being trapped in a beautiful woman's body. Joe was feeling closer to his girlfriend Amy than he'd felt in ages. On their way back from the More Too Love shopping spree, they were robbed. Joe used her powers to stop them, but they managed to flee with Amy’s purse. Amy was really impressed by how Joe had took on the muggers. They went back to their home and was looking forward to spending more time working on their relationship. Back home Joe's friend called and told that he had found the device, but when Joe got there, Mike confessed that he lied and that he loves her. He loved how she had the personality of a man, but the body of a woman. Joe tried to explain to Mike again that she wasn't interested in him, only wanting to be with his true love Amy. She then accidentally touched his unplugged TV, turning it on. On the TV news was a special report showing his girlfriend Amy being held hostage by the thugs who had robbed them earlier. Joe rushed there and attacked the robbers, killing them. The shock of the whole thing caused Amy to have a heart attack. Joe thought that she'd lost the love of her life. But thankfully, she was able to use her electrical powers to restart Amy's heart. Yet sadly due to everything that had happened, Amy left her. Amy said it was just too much for her to handle.

Girl Named Jo
Girl Named Jo

Again Joe was left alone. Joe looked high and low for the device that had caused so much trouble, but she was unable to find it. So Joe didn't have any choice but to live her life as a beautiful, buxom, blonde woman with no history, no education, no family, no friends, no connections, and no job experience. Joe tried looking for help from her former employer, but they didn't want to hire a woman. And due to the strong morals and ethics Joe had, she would not use her powers for evil. After months of not finding any help. Out of money, Joe got a job in a strip club called the Hideout in Gotham City, as an exotic dancer. She still had her limits, so refused to do any lap dances. Thus costing her allot of money, but was just unable to do anything more than dance. Joe started calling herself Jo and Shocking Suzi as her stage name. Working nightly at the Hideout, Joe has pretty much lost all hope to ever find the H-Dial. Yet she still daydreams about her old girlfriend finding the device to help her. Or even having dreams of her coming to accept Jo for who she'd become. Mike, her former friend comes to the strip club to see her dance, but is last seen being tossed out and told never to come back again. Due to the Hero Dial being sent back in time. The H-dial was stuck in a time loop between prehistoric times and January 2005, always out of his reach.

Powers And Abilities

Electronic Interaction

By touching unplugged and turned off machines she can activate them.

Electricity control

She can generate electricity, and blast it with force strong enough to destroy brick walls. She can use it with precision to restart hearts.


Her ability to repel bullets with her powers indicates ability to generate electro-magnetic fields.


She has self propelled flight, that might be linked to her electricity power.


She can survive under water and even talk there.


Suzi's attractive body and profession as an exotic dancer causes some to assume that she is a dumb blonde. Likewise, some are also biased, jealous, or don't like Suzi due to her large breasts. A lack of connections and no resources, limits Suzi's abilities to actually use her powers as a Superhero. Not having any friends or family, leaves Suzi a loner and outsider. Without even a high school diploma, and no references. Suzi does not have the educational background to succeed in mainstream society, so is forced to work in the dark underbelly of Gotham City as a stripper to survive.

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