I wish they'd revamp/upgrade Shocker

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Yaknow, get rid of his undeserved "joke" status. He's one of the few "pros" of the villain industry, and he's remarkably capable. Lookit Villains Inc or any of his Spidey fights.

I wish they'd do two things with him.

1) Upgrade his equipment. not like before, where he gained heavier armor to compensate for more gauntlet output. (Though that extra power would be nice, too.) I mean focus more on the fact that he's vibration based. Have him make, like, boots to go with his gauntlets, so he can do more than just punch, and the constantly shaking to keep opponents off of him that he had in the Spectacular cartoon. The boots would allow him to do short bursts of superspeed maybe (Think like a coiled spring suddenly being released), allowing him to do surprise vibro punches with his gauntlets by shooting forward suddenly thanks to his boots. That, and cause tremors with stomps and stuff, not to mention vibro kicks being an option as well now.

Maybe some Vibranium equipment, too. Maybe even a vibrational voice modulator allowing his deep voice to be used offensively as well.

2) Upgrade his status. He doesn't suddenly need to skyrocket to Osborn or Doctor Doom status, but at least have him recognized as one of the more competent professionals, like Taskmaster and Paladin and Batroc. Villains Inc and Thunderbolts were a step in the right direction. Again, his status as a "joke" character has always been almost completely undeserved, with him actually being one of the more competent spider-man villains, with NO mental hangups beyond some self esteem issues brought about BY said undeserved joke status.

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@degalon: Same the shocker is actually one of my favourite spidey villains

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@degalon: I completely agree with you.I love the Shocker! He is one of my all time favorite bad guys and I would definitely love to see him get more respect.

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He and guys like the Constrictor and Taskmaster would be lethal if given the right respect

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agree, shocker is a total jobber nowdays. He can easily be top tier street level guy, but current writers just keep f*cking him up

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I liked his portrayal in Spectacular Spiderman where he definitely was one of the more powerful spidey rogues.

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i would like him as a anti-hero

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@soa said:

i would like him as a anti-hero

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I wish they'd do this too. Sometimes fanfic just isn't enough.

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Haha, you know I was thinking a similar concept. I would love to see an Agent of SHIELD type mini to build up a reputation. Like he gets beat up at the beginning, and in the hospital he's approached by Fury for a job. I'm thinking some incentive could be a long lost daughter, maybe hospitalized, but whatever paycheck he might earn goes to her. He maybe gets a new but temporary color scheme. The important part is where he gets access to more advanced technology to give himself a serious upgrade. I would love to see a more technical version of his Vibro-Shock units to further explore their abilities. Get some cool new powers like Vibro Shielding, arm based Vibro Flight or hovering, maybe when his units take on two different forms, like long range mode and melee mode.

Marvel would seriously have to back the idea though, cause he would have to fight some major hitters, maybe not Superman types but definitely the stronger end of characters. Like his last showing against Luke Cage in Superior Foes was pretty boss. He might of lost the match overall, but he definitely had Cage on the ropes, even made him bleed.

Then at the end he would escape SHIELD with his new equipment, and a revitalized reputation >:D

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Well he's head of the Maggia now isn't he?

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