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Not much is known about the Shirley's history other then that she had been the secretary of a Congressman named Puc McCuskey. Altough she had a lovely appearance, she was not a woman that would take shit from anyone. This was particulary seen when she was sitting in a bar and a drunk man approached her. She managed to subdue the man easily, whom became the laugh of the entire bar. This bar fight would however take Shirley's life into a whole different direction as she would soon meet to individuals that changed her life.


Shirley DeFabio was created by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov and first appeared in Fury Max #1 (2012).

Mayor Story Arcs

Meeting Nick Fury

Shirley DeFabio was the secretary of Congressman McCuskey. She met Nick Fury and George Hatherly in a bar when she was stationed in French Indochina with her boss in the 1950's. Nick and Shirley soon hit it off and started a sexual relationship that would last a long period of time. In the 1960's, Shirley however told Nick that her boss, McCuskey had proposed to her, and she had accepted, wanting more out of life then just a sexual partner whom was not always around. She assisted her soon-to-be husband and boss during the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. It was however when the mission went wrong that McCuskey left her alone with a few angry Cubans whom wanted to take out Fidel Castro. Shirley managed to get away from the Cubans, but had a great feeling of betrayal against McCuskey now. She renewed her relationship with Nick Fury after that.

Return to Vietnam

Some years later, in 1970, Nick Fury and George Hatherly are asked by Senator McCusky to once again travel to French Indochina, now called Vietnam, to take out a Vietcong general they had met years before, CaptainLetrong Giap. It is in Vietnam that Shirley and Nick renew their romantic interest for one another once more. Shirley is however saddened by the site of how Vietnam has become, remembering the beauty of the country only 20 years ago. She also tells Nick how the last couple of years have been for her. Her marriage to Puck McCusky had sunken to an all-time low, with both of them cheating in marriage, but neither wanted to admit it. Later on, George Hatherly, expecting now his fifth child, tells Nick he no longer has the staumouch for these missions and asks to be his radio contact in the base while Nick performs the mission with Frank Castle. When the mission seemed to have become a disaster with both Nick Furt and Frank Castle being captured, the U.S. ordered an airstrike, witch would most definitely kill Nick and Frank too. George was shocked by this and shared this information with Shirley, whom had come by him for a surprise visit. Both Shirley and George made themselves strong to call of the airstrike. Shirley called her husband Senator McCuskey, whom told them he would do anything he could to call of the airstrike, but lied.Luckily and to the releave of Shirley, both Nick and Frank made it out alive, despite Senator McCuskey.

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