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THE FINALE TO THE FIRST VOLUME OF S.H.I.E.L.D.! This chapter comes to a close in a fashion that will have your jaw on the floor. It is Da Vinci vs. Newton with the fate of the world in the balance. Who is the Night Machine on the side of? What role will the Celestial Child play? The most talked about book of 2010 closes its first volume with a bang. But don’t worry, the same team will be back soon with volume 2!

1960 Rome: A massed battle begins between Newton’s and DaVinci’s armies, battling for determinism (no way to change the future) versus free will (we shape our destinies). Leonid is caught in the middle and uses his powers to be a ‘dynamo’ to change the battle and find a third way, blasting energy up into the air and forming a barrier between the two forces.

6000 years in the future: Howard fixes Nikola’s power source.

1955 New York: Two years after dropping off Leonid in Rome, Howard and Nathaniel track down Nikola Tesla and accidentally kill him when he attacks them. They are searching for a child. When they turn around again, Tesla is gone, leaving only a pool of blood.

6000 years in the future: Nikola’s power source, now fixed, causes another explosion. The white-haired lady convinces him to call a truce with Howard and Nathaniel so they can return home, since it was Nathaniel who caused them all to time travel. They hook up a device and leave.

1960 Rome: One either side of the barrier, Leonardo accuses Newton of wanting to end the world, while Newton says since it’s inevitable they shouldn’t run from their fate. Newton’s forces launch some devices that latch onto the shield-barrier and punch through, landing bombs on DaVinci’s army. Leonid drops the barrier and the battle resumes. Glowing Michelangelo materializes and says to Leonid that he was never meant to stop the fight. He says that he and Leonid will tear down the walls around what the two sides believe. Michelangelo reveals that he is the ‘Forever Man.’

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