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Shea Stadium was the former stadium and home to the New York Mets.  

Marvel Universe

Shea Stadium is where Spider-Man and the Jackal had their seemingly final climactic battle and where Spider-Man battled his clone during the 70's Clone Saga.  
Before Warren went to Shea Stadium, he had created a clone of himself he intended to attend to once he got back. However, Warren would not be coming back, and the clone later began to break down and decay, later going on to become the supervillain known as Carrion.
Upon his arrival, Spider-Man had been drugged by the Jackal, and when he awoke in Shea Stadium, he was confronted by a genetic clone of himself. Both believed themselves to be the real Spider-Man, and they subsequently battled. Ned Leeds' life hung in the balance, as only the real Spider-Man could deactivate the bomb Ned was attached to. As the two Spider-Men battled, the Gwen Stacy clone had convinced Miles to come to his senses. He finally came to terms with and admitted to killing Anthony Serba, his former lab assistant. In a last act of nobility, Miles saved Ned from the bomb, seemingly dying in the process and taking the Spider-Man clone out with him. Warren had in fact sent a clone to die in his place and the Spider-Man clone was later revealed to have survived the explosion, thus setting the stage for the Clone Saga of the 90's. 

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