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Shame to see it End

    Well, it would seem that the Manhunt miniseries has finally come to an end.  The Intelligencia has been rounded up by Jen and Lyra this issue and all is seemingly right with the world considering Bruce and the other good Hulks got vengeance for the former's shenanigans. And just like other issues we have Lyra coming to the sad conclusion that all "freak" superheroes must face: that invariably the ones they protect also see their protectors as monsters.  Simple sad conclusion, though the moral of the story is nothing we haven't already read before at least a dozen times over.    
    In all, this issue was a wonderful conclusion to the story and I'm sad enough seeing it go.  The writing was solid and the artwork was gorgeous.  I honestly was hoping this could be an ongoing series and from how the numbering was on the first three issues I could have sworn it would be.  In truth though it was probably best for Lyra considering she just doesn't have the caliber of her stronger peers (i.e. Bruce, Jen), and I think readers want a bit more bang for their buck than failed attempts of a gamma trying to get used to the real world, as if high school was something that really could be considered "real world."   
    In conclusion, read the issue if you're wanting to see the Intelligencia get their just desserts for what they had attempted to do in the Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks arcs rather than listening to teenage adjustments and angst. 3.5 out of 5.
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Posted By Omertalvendetta

I'm kind of disappointed in the end after a somewhat terrific arc.  Cliché, and just kind of abrupt.  I turned the page expecting to get more, and it ends on that last "waaaah" page.  I preferred the previous issues much better and this should've remained an ongoing.  Several people continue to tell me that it was always a mini-series, but the numbering shows this to be the case, as well as Marvel confirmed that it was meant to be an ongoing that actually got cancelled before the series even began.  You can tell that the first three issues were fully developed and the team got canned prior to four, so they writer seemed force to put an ending to his arc.  

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Posted By crimsonspider89

Shame the way it ended, had good start, good story and you know he wanted to do more with it. 

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Posted By MrFantastic

It was pretty good to start with. Shame it had to end

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Posted By leokearon

Okay review, it just seems a bit messy
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Posted By goldenshot80

Well If you want me to give you a no then sure then

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