Overshadowing the Hulk?

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I love She-Hulk. To me lately she's been able to over-shadow the Hulk, just in terms of presence. I find her more entertaining to read about because rarely female characters can be portrayed as the "muscle" of a comic, rather than just shallow eye-candy. I actually enjoy Rulk more than his green counterpart, Bruce. Bruce is cool and I think he's a great character, but does anyone else think she has overshadowed him or has the potential too?

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While he and his stories are being written horribly oh yeah she can.

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No I don't. Unfortunately it wont happen. With things like the Avengers and the current Hulk series going on the Hulk will not be overshadowed be She-Hulk but I do love the balance she brings to the Hulk Family.

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I love the Hulk, but sometimes I feel he's just too powerful to be a member of any given team, since he literally has the power to defeat ANYONE in the Marvel Universe if he's angry enough (even Superman in the DC universe has friends and foes who equal or surpass him in strength & invulnerability). He works better as a lone hero or anti-hero to me, especially given his tendency to lose control, & when he's the gray hulk he's even MORE powerful since he has both brains and brawn in that form. I like She Hulk because not only is she a badass and beautiful female character, but also because she's not quite as unbeatable as her cousin, i.e. she fits in better on a team like the Avengers because she's less prone to losing control & doesn't overshadow everyone else during a battle.

As for the Red Hulk and Red She Hulk....I consider them the result of lazy writing. I mean, do we really need two red colored evil versions of Hulk and She Hulk? Why couldn't Ross and Betty become their own unique gamma mutations like Abomination or the Leader instead of being recolored knockoffs of Hulk and She Hulk? It just seems unimaginative to me.

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I love Jen. She is the only Hulk for me. Witty, fun, and kick ass. Whats not to love?

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HELL NO!!!!! I mean i like she-hulk but...no.

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@Blood1991 said:

I love Jen. She is the only Hulk for me. Witty, fun, and kick ass. Whats not to love?


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I like She-Hulk, but overshadowing the Hulk? For me this is out of the question. Also I enjoy Red She-Hulk more then the green version of her. Red Hulk is even better but again, overshadowing the Hulk? For me, impossible!

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No, she doesn't overshadow the Hulk nor do I ever see it happening.

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