New 52 Black Adam and Shazam powered down?

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I feel like Black Adam and Shazam/Captain Marvel have been depowered in the New 52. These guys are supposed to be major power houses, like top tier! Shazam is supposed to be the Mightiest Mortal. They are turning these guys into jobbers. Why? I like them both! Even though they had the upper hand in the scans above many Viners know what happens next! How do you feel Viners. This is no disrespect to the Kryptonian, well either of them. I feel like Lex now, saying that, lol! Maybe I should have said the alien/aliens! lol

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Read some pre-52 Captain Marvel, please. No one has been "depowered".

They don't seem as powerful and I do have a few titles with the character. They seem to be stronger in the Pre -52 and more feared, and respected. Well Black Adam, is Black Adam!

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No they haven't been powered down.

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No . Black Adam beat Ultraman until the final second when he got backhanded. and shazam knocked back superman so....

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Are they gonna be jobbers now?

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They haven't been powered down.We still haven't seen enough from them.

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@tdk_1997 said:

They haven't been powered down.We still haven't seen enough from them.

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Yes, because the pics you posted showed that they were weak...

Anyone know where i can read Shazam online

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They haven't been nerfed

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Why do you think they've been nerfed when they haven't been in the slightest? They haven't had nearly as many appearances and chances to show off their feats as Superman. That's all. We haven't seen the full capacity of what they can do yet.

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The scans you posted are contradictory to your claim!

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online source for comics involving shazam

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Well to be really honest I hate to say this,but everybody who answered this question is wrong. The fact of the matter is that YES Black Adam and Captain Marvel have been powered down some. If any of the people answering this , reallyknew these 2 characters they would know from previous battles that Captain Marvel has always been Supermans equal. Black Adam has always been more experienced being that he is over 2000 to 3000 years old. Black Adam has usually been seen as more powerful than Captian Marvel and Superman also. Black Adam also has taken on more than 2 to 3 super hero teams which is something CM or Superman have never been able to do themselves. Recently Ultraman was able to take out Black Adam real fast and when Adam hit him real hard with an upper cut it didn't really do anything.....then he got his jaw crushed and had to be resuscitated??? Really??? I've seen boxers get their jaws broken and keep fighting...but Adam tossed around like rag dog. Black Adam should of been able to end the whole series or better yet have been the reason for the whole series. But the writers have changed things and want Superman to be the most powerful being around. Also the Black Adam before the New 52 was said to be one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe..he was able to stack his magical powers therefore making his power unlimited. you can look it

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Yes they either went down or just dont get shown enough

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I don't think they've been de-powered at all. Shazam was completely inexperienced against Supes and did a good number on him. Adam underestimated Ultraman, who wasn't vulnerable to magic.

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Whether or not they were depowered depends on if Ultraman is stronger than Superman when he is jumped up on Krypto-coke. He crushed BA's face, and that's a pretty clear sign of superior strength. If Ultraman is stronger than Superman, then that's fine. If not, then they've obviously been depowered.

Which would be a pretty shitty thing for DC to do.

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@colanicole: good point... lets just hope tht has something to do with all of this... although im still not sure what they were thinking with Black Adam who is more experienced than any of the heros but got his tossed aroind by Ultraman

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@colanicole: Ultraman being vulnerable to magic or not shouldnt....notice I said shouldnt have anything to do with the fight because Shazam doesn't match superman because his magic weakens him or or lessens Supermans strength....Captain Marvel b4 the New 52 was still pound for pound just as strong as Superman...I dont know why they always try to throw in well Shazam beats Superman because he is magic and Supes is vulnerable to magic...although he is a magical being I think the writers may have a mental issue too lol...because they forget tht Captain Marvel doesnt need to weaken Superman with magic to beat him when he is evey bit as physically strong as Superman

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