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Well, this is kind of spur of the moment, but after glancing over the characters history, I think Shard kind of got the short end of the stick. If her death was something that seemed more grand then maybe I'd be okay with it. I thought she was a good character, and with the rarity of sibling cohension in comics (marvel comics anyway.) It would have served atleast as a stable example of one. Shard and Bishop could have and should have been a Team from get to, even if it meant them being absorbed into larger groups peridocially, it would have still been nice.

What really kind of brought this on is that in the Ultimate Universe there is no mention of Shard either. I mean, if Bishop could come into the past and form a New X-Men, you'd think he find his sister (assuming he has one in this universe.) and ask her to join the team. With the new relevation as to how Dazzler's powers work though, I could guessitimate that shes just be another Dazzler, but to be honest if I had to choose I'd offer Dazzler and give her to some other unit anyway, a character with that many issues might make for good conflict but that doesn't necessarily equate a good story either.

Can this be thought of as movement?

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Ultimate Bishop has no way to get back, so he can't contact her.

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I actually meant contact his present day sister, if she even exist. Basically, if she does exist in the ultimate universe i'd like her to become a active character.

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@Selvokaz: So would I, Shard was pretty likable all things considered.
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@info nation:  *nod* They could have established her as the positive to his negative. Her being the calm collected one but also rather simple and easy to get along with perhaps even laid back attitude, while he was the hot blooded ill tempered but more cunning/manipulative of the two. Maybe these could be the president day (young traits) of Bishop in the ultimate universe, the one that is currently in Jail.
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@Selvokaz: I'm still recovering from the fact that somebody decided to make Bishop a bad guy now! I know he's a bit cold and ruthless sometimes, but I refuse to see Bishop as a hardcore villain!
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I want Shard back to......even if she is a hologram, she was kinda cool in x-factor as a living hologram
Shard in X-Factor
Shard in X-Factor
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I miss Shard soooo much! She was an excellent character. I'd love to see her back in a full human form kicking ass! But is she really dead? Didn't she just disappear into a portal after Bishop fired her out?

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@MagnusLensherr: I don't know, but hey, the one GOOD thing about characters comming back from the dead is they get a second chance to prove themselves!

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