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Current Events

  • After bumping into freelance MI6 agents Ninjak and Punk Mambo -- Jack Boniface is currently under custody by MI6 in a maximum security prison for "special cases." Jack's cell is outfitted with magically enhanced locks and safeguards to prevent him from breaking out.


Jack Boniface was a jazz player who became empowered by a mysterious organization, the Coven, with the "Darque" power to fend off the sinister, Master Darque. When the night falls he becomes the Shadowman gaining super-strength, fearlessness, and is driven to help others. Boniface eventually sacrifices his life to stop Master Darque.

Valiant Universe (VH1) - Pre-Unity

The city of New Orleans has been a history of wild nightlife and VooDoo lore. Now, the superstitious folk whisper of a man in a carnival mask who prowls the night, savagely attacking members of the New Orleans underworld. The pushers and pimps are learning to fear the vigilante called "Shadowman" who's causing big trouble in the Big Easy.

Michael LeRoi


Michael LeRoi was the second Shadowman, the mask of Jack Boniface the first Shadowman was grafted to his chest by Mamma Nettie, a voodoo priestess. Mike has the ability to walk between worlds, allowing to cross from "Liveside" to "Deadside"

Notable friends of Mike LeRoi

Mamma Nettie: Voodoo priestess responsible for making Mike the Shadowman,

Jaunty: Shadowman's ally in Deadside, he was once human, but now exists as a demonic snake like creature.


Zero is a zombie hitman.

Valiant 2012 Reboot

By Patrick Zircher

In this new series, it is revealed that the Shadowman line is a lineage. Jack Boniface's father, Josiah Boniface, was also a Shadowman who died sacrificing himself to defeat Master Darque. Prior to his death, Josiah left a special talisman to his pregnant wife Helena - to protect their child against the dead.

Years later, in New Orleans, Jack Boniface is working as a curator of sorts for the La Nouvelle Orleans Museum of Culture. He now wears the talisman that his father gave to his mother. While working at the museum, he meets with a private investigator named James Burke. Burke gives Jack what he was looking for, records on his parents. Jack looks at the records; which state that both Josiah Boniface and Helena LeBerton were criminals with prior arrests and homicide charges that were never proven. Later, Jack has a flashback to his mother telling him that his father was a good man, and out of anger, he tears off his talisman and throws it into a river.

But now that he's no longer wearing the Talisman, evil creatures can suddenly sense him, and the newly-formed demon Mr. Twist (an agent of Darque), sends two policemen (whom he has possessed) to arrest Jack. They drive Jack off to the city's outskirts and shoot him, but the Loa (a powerful voodoo spirit) activates and he transforms into Shadowman. With his newfound powers and with aid from abettors Dox and Alyssa Myles, he manages to defeat the two possessed cops. But he passes out after this, and awakens back in his own house the next day.

Alyssa meets him at the museum the next day, and then brings him to Dox's home, where Dox explains about magic and his legacy to Jack. But then the parasite (which possessed one of the cops) that Dox had taken in order to study opens up, and Mr. Twist teleports through. Dox buys time for Alyssa and Jack, and the two escape into the Deadside. There, Jack meets a talking monkey named Jaunty who explains what the Deadside is.

Jaunty leads him to his father, who traps Jack's Loa with his Sengese blade. His father then tells him that he's giving Jack a choice - that he can leave without the Shadowman curse. But in doing so, he would leave Alyssa (who is under attack by dead spirits), and so Jack chooses to remain as Shadowman. He takes the Sengese blade and saves Alyssa.

Shadowman and Alyssa then re-emerge from the Deadside just in time and Shadowman fights Mr. Twist. The two of them drag one another into another portal which sends them into the Deadside again. There, Darque makes his appearance, but Shadowman manages to summon the spirits of the Deadside, who devour Mr. Twist. Shadowman finishes off the demon with a final blow, and Shadowman (along with Alyssa and Dox) make their escape while Darque remains trapped in the Deadside.

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