Shadowman #2

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The Good

Let me kick this off by saying the fantasy genre and magic in general has never really piqued my interest. It's just not my thing. But despite this, Valiant has managed to plunge a hook onto me and reel me into yet another one of their awesome titles. The fact it surrounds "magic" shouldn't be the factor that makes you buy or pass on this title. Instead, it should be the fact that it's masterfully written, illustrated in a horrifyingly awesome way, and is 100% new reader friendly.

First and foremost, it's only issue #2 and I've already begun to love the characters. The chemistry between the Abettors is highly entertaining as they take jabs at one another and Mr. Twist is horrific in all the right ways. Writers Justin Jordan & Patrick Zircher are fleshing (for a lack of better words) all of the characters out in a superb manner and I'm loving every panel of it. Like I said, I'm not the biggest magic dude around, so I really appreciate how Jordan has the Abettors elaborate on how the abilities work. Sure, it's exposition, but it implemented well because they're trying to introduce Jack to their elaborate world.

Then there's the action and the artwork. Man oh man, it's some top-notch stuff. The villains are downright horrendous looking and rightfully so. There's so much detail put into their twisted bodies and the corpses they leave behind. You can't help but admire how much detail is put into Mr. Twist's absurd structure. Artist Patrick Zircher is a match made in heaven (or in this case, the Deadside) for this book and the action scenes are jaw-droppingly phenomenal. That panel with the car? So glorious.

The Bad

I think the only "bad" thing is that I need to wait for the next issue.

The Verdict

I don't know how they do it, but Valiant is producing some of the best books available right now. They don't have a single bad title. Maybe they made a deal with Mephisto?

This book has a healthy serving of everything that makes comics awesome. It's violent, funny, crafts interesting characters, and has a plot that keeps a tight grip on your interest and refuses to let go. We're only on issue 2 here, so that means you've got plenty of time to jump on-board before you're left in the dust.


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