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Shade is reborn into the body of an insane man with the "help" of his girlfriend Kathy and Lenny. With a new fire in his soul, a madder and more confident Shade now faces a new danger: the kidnapping of the only woman he ever really loved.

A few months after the events in the last issue, Kathy and Lenny are now living happily together it seems and while bathing together the two are interrupted by Roger's ghost who was sent by the angels to tell them Shade is coming back and he needs Kathy. Kathy seems reluctant in that she believes her life has gone back to normal since he died but she goes along with Roger and he brings the two of them to a mental institution where he informs them the catatonic "Empty" will be Shade's new vessel, Kathy simply has to call him.

Eventually Shade does inhabit the right body but when the doctors see a spark of life in Empty, they kick the girls out of the place and begin studying what they think to be a medical miracle. Shade slowly gains the ability to move and speak but when he tries to confront Rilke (the doctor) he needs Roger's aid because he realizes his powers haven't returned yet.

It becomes apparent this new Shade is more insane then ever when he fertilizes Mother Earth with his seed as a thank you for his resurrection and begs the question, what fucked up adventures will follow with this new Shade? Meanwhile, Kathy and Lenny find a hotel that becomes the headquarters for the trio but when Kathy accidentally stumbles across the work of a Brian Juno (serial killer at the hotel), he grabs her and continues his ascent to becoming the Gardener of Pain...

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