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The Ghost of General J.E.B. Stuart
The Ghost of General J.E.B. Stuart

Jeb Stuart was born on the 9th of May, 1920 in Tennessee as a part of the Stuart family known for a long military tradition. Most famously is his ancestor General J.E.B. Stuart who was a General in them Confederate Army during the Civil War.

When the United States (U.S.) entered World War II Jeb joined the 3D Armored Division and became commander as a Lieutenant (Lt.) of a Stuart M3 Tank the surname coming form his ancestor J.E.B. Stuart.

As jeb went to war he discovered that General J.E.B. Stuart's ghost haunts the M3 Tank. He thus gives it the nickname "The Haunted Tank". Stuart's Ghost provids guardianship over Jeband his crew. However only Jeb has the ability to see or hear the General Stuart's ghost, and thus many of his own crew believe him to be crazy, though they still respect his combat abilities.


Jeb Stuart was created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Russ Heath in GI Combat #87.

Major Story Arcs

New 52 and Death


The ghost of General Stuart and his Haunted Tank break out of its holding in the Black Room and returns itself to Jeb Stuart, now aged and retired, for one last mission to save his great grand son Scott Stuart from being killed in Afghanistan when he is captured and potentially ending the Stuart line. They rescue him and eventually confront a descendant of the Nazi Marshall out for revenge using old WWII Nazi flying craft. Jeb Stuart dies and Scott brings him home to rest in peace.

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