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Seven of Nine was born as Annika Hanson, the daughter of two excentric exobiologists, Magnus and Erin Hanson. She was born in 2348, but because of her parents work, she was raised by her aunt, Irene Hansen.

Her favorite color at this time was red, and her favorite treat was a strawberry tart, for which she would speak her mind if it was not ripe enough. She grew up very happily, until 2353.

Major Story Arcs

Encounter With the Borg

Annika's parents, Magnus and Erin, were able to get the USS Raven, a starship that would allow them a chance to study a new species, known by a very few. This species was the Borg. Along with her parents, she was assimilated, and ended up on board the Borg cube that encountered Voyager and Kathryn Janeway durring their war with Species 8472. The drone Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 01 was selected for interaction with Captain Janeway

New Life, A New Crew

After the war with 8472 ended, the Borg left swiftly, leaving behind their technology and a specific drone behind on the Federation starship. She was resistant to the idea of becoming human again, and for a long while she used every opportunity to try to contact the Borg, but eventually decided to embrace her humanity, going so far as to take social lessons from the Doctor and ended up in a relationship with Commander Chakotay.

Myriad Universes - The Last Generation

TNG - LastGeneration #03

In this alternate universe, Annika was never assimilated by the Borg. Instead, she is a member of Picard's resistance movement against the Klingons.

When Picard learns that the universe is the way it is because of a time travelling lunitic, he decides to try to right the past. Annika is among a small group of rebels, led by Wesley Crusher, that decided to go against him.

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