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 Spider-Man crashes the bike into the Servicer.
The Servicer is a demonic repo-man from Hell that comes to repossess the bike belonging to Ghost Rider because it is not being used to collect human souls. The Servicer appears while Ghost Rider and Spider-Man are having a drink at a local bar and a fight ensues over the bike. Ghost Rider is absorbed into the body of the Servicer and Spider-Man takes off with his bike. The Servicer catches up to Spider-Man and snares the bike with some chains. Spider-Man turns the bike around and runs into the Servicer at full speed. Ghost Rider is freed but things turn for the worse when the Servicer merges with the bike and speeds off to feast on some souls. The Servicer rides to the top of the Empire State Building and unleashes some energy that creates a sonic scream that hurts Spider-Man and the civilians in the city. Ghost Rider is unaffected and knocks the Servicer off his bike with his chain. The Ghost Rider tells the Servicer that he takes his bike wherever he wants and doesn't have to answer to Hell or Heaven. The Ghost Rider smashes the skull of the Servicer and his demonic essence drifts back to Hell.


The Servicer was created by Rob Williams and Lee Garbett in 2011 and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # 658.

Powers & Abilities

 Servicer unleashes the chains.
The Servicer possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. The Servicer can absorb people into his body and unleash chains from his wrist area. The Servicer can merge into the bike belonging to the Ghost Rider and emit some energy that creates a sonic scream that affects human beings.

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