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Abraham is bitter against unitologists, as his wife divorced him due to differences in faith over said religion. Neumann is an officer of P-sec, Planet Security. His partner, Vera Cortez, is a unitologist as well, having been one "since 8th grade". After trying to escape the initial attack by the necromorphs, but failing to do so due to the destruction of the escape shuttles, Neumann loses his lover Marla to a necromorph slasher. He makes his vidlog shortly after, which tells the events of the comic. He appears to have become insane, his last words before he walks away from the vidlog are as follows.
"And that's the whole story. It started twelve hours ago. I haven't seen another living soul for the last six. They say there are no athiests in foxholes? But after what happened here, its more like the other way around. I'm gonna leave this recording. Who knows, you might see something that convinces you. But I doubt it. Don't come looking for me... you may not like what you find."

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