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1004356 MysticMedivh Character Overview 07/03/16 10:18PM 14 Approved
1000433 cacaman Character Overview Reality manipulation as said by his author Paul Jenkins and confirmed by Bendis in that interview. 06/27/16 05:51PM 2 Approved
991311 KrleAvenger Character Overview Walmart Sentry figure was released by Tobiz. The one that hasbro released was not walmart and was part of Odin BAF wave. Also adding Marvel Universe Sentry figure. 06/16/16 11:20AM 14 Approved
988255 KrleAvenger Character Overview 06/11/16 05:14AM 3 Approved
924973 KrleAvenger Character Overview Add his membership with Dark Avengers and his death during Siege.Sorry if it is to much. 04/03/16 11:29AM 15 Approved
862877 CitizenSentry Character Overview Removed Unnecessary powers. 01/05/16 04:21PM 14 Approved
840884 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 11/27/15 05:38AM 0 Denied
839294 CitizenSentry Character Overview 11/24/15 09:16AM 2542 Approved
839293 CitizenSentry Character Overview 11/24/15 09:16AM 2548 Approved
822204 CitizenSentry Character Overview Tidied the page up a bit. 10/24/15 05:14PM 1 Approved
822168 CitizenSentry Character Overview Once again i have removed the Reality Manipulation power as information being passed through word of mouth cannot be taken as fact unless there is evidence to back it up. 10/24/15 04:19PM 48 Approved
821988 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 10/24/15 10:24AM 47 Approved
821959 MaZeRaIII Character Overview Added Reality Manipulation to Sentry, as he is a reality warper, confirmed by the words from the Paul Jenkins, who said that he is a RW, and Bendis who said that Sentry only thinks that he can manipulate molecules, also Stan Lee said that Sentry is nigh-omnipotent, and the same said Rick Remender. I would be glad if you stopped approving some random people, who don't have any knowledge when it comes to Sentry. 10/24/15 07:47AM 2 Approved
811557 N00beditor3 Character Overview 10/08/15 08:01AM 14 Approved
805295 CitizenSentry Character Overview 09/30/15 04:00AM 2 Approved
805294 CitizenSentry Character Overview I am a huge fan of Sentry but even I know that he hasn't shown any Reality Warping powers. 09/30/15 03:59AM 30 Approved
778050 YIFY Character Overview Do I really need to explain? 08/17/15 05:54AM 32 Denied
777905 KillerZ Character Overview 08/17/15 02:54AM 1 Approved
777904 KillerZ Character Overview 08/17/15 02:54AM 1 Approved
777841 RealityWarper Character Overview I added back reality manipulation to The Sentry as The Sentry & The Void are created via reality warping, as Sentry beat Molecule Man via reality warping easily. 08/17/15 12:44AM 3 Denied
777831 MaZeRaIII Character Overview Sentry is a reality warper, his creator said so, Bendis confirmed that it was not molecule manipulation in fight against Owen, he was even compared to HoM Wanda 3 times, if he wasn't rw he wouldn't have been compared to HoM Wanda, and i would be glad if you stopped approving people who remove RW, they know nothing about Sentry. 08/17/15 12:25AM 32 Approved
777680 YIFY Character Overview I have removed the power Reality Manipulation from this page because Sentry has NEVER displayed these abilities on panel. so therefore in my eyes and almost everyone else's this means Sentry is not a Reality Warper. 08/16/15 03:58PM 32 Approved
775438 Renchamp Character Overview 08/13/15 06:59AM 18 Approved
775344 MaZeRaIII Character Overview -Time M. Sentry can control density via shapeshifting. Void he has shown ability to manipulate darkness. states Sentry's speed bends time. Sentry is a RW, his creator said so, Bendis confirmed that. 08/13/15 03:35AM 58 Approved
775318 MaZeRaIII Character Overview M Sentry can control density via shapeshifting Void he has shown ability to manipulate darkness. states Sentry's speed bends time Sentry is a RW,his creator said so,Bendis confirmed that. 08/13/15 02:04AM 25 Denied
772095 YIFY Character Overview I have removed these abilities because Sentry has never displayed these powers. 08/08/15 02:27PM 34 Approved
771162 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 08/07/15 02:23PM 8 Approved
771153 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 08/07/15 01:45PM 14 Approved
771150 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 08/07/15 01:33PM 2 Approved
771142 MaZeRaIII Character Overview turn invisible by deflecting light and radiant emissions Manipulation M 08/07/15 01:18PM 16 Approved
771126 MaZeRaIII Character Overview - Weather Control - Teleport - Phasing 08/07/15 12:24PM 6 Approved
771118 MaZeRaIII Character Overview Corrected some grammar mistakes. 08/07/15 11:47AM 12 Approved
770389 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 08/05/15 08:23AM 23 Approved
770221 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 08/05/15 12:12AM 16 Approved
769880 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 08/04/15 01:10PM 3 Approved
769790 MaZeRaIII Character Overview 08/04/15 09:35AM 4 Approved
769788 RealityWarper Character Overview I would be glad if the wiki wasn't changed by a Bozo... This YIFI removed Reality Manipulation even Paul Jenkins, the creator of The Sentry, created him as a reality warper... I would be glad if the wiki remained like this. 08/04/15 09:30AM 2 Approved
769217 YIFY Character Overview 08/03/15 04:33PM 4 Approved
756358 One-Angry-Scot Character Overview Edited parts of his power level where it's stated that the Void is more powerful than the Sentry and has more powers. Since this sin't true as they are both one and the same and Sentry has beaten the Void multiple times. Which implies Sentry is simply stronger or has a superior will. 07/13/15 02:40PM 47 Approved
739970 jonny1995 Character Guide 06/22/15 01:31AM 44 Approved
631819 mace1111 Character Overview The word is enraged hulk,not an immensely enraged hulk. Rage already means extreme anger and enraged means very extremely angry or the most extreme you could get. The bio info from marvel never said he gets vastly or immensely enraged. That's hulk fanboys making things up and there is no such thing as vastly or immensely enraged anyway. You are either angry(normal anger) extremely angry (rage) or very extremely angry(enraged). For example-Savage hulk only gets to rage(extreme anger). 02/01/15 09:51PM 1 Approved
580765 CitizenSentry Character Overview 12/06/14 05:19PM 1 Approved
579817 RealityWarper Character Overview I just noticed that it's written "Reality Manpulation" instead of "Reality ManIpulation" in the powers. Otherwise this power is correct. 12/05/14 02:40PM 0 Denied
573831 Novawing Character Overview 11/27/14 10:04AM 1 Approved
565797 Primebonnick Character Overview 11/15/14 03:23PM 8 Approved
557281 Knightsofdarkness2 Character Overview Fixed grammatical errors. 10/30/14 08:52AM 1 Approved
519541 Primebonnick Character Overview 08/31/14 05:38PM 59 Approved
519534 Primebonnick Character Overview 08/31/14 05:26PM 4 Approved
505709 Primebonnick Character Overview 08/12/14 07:48PM 2 Approved
500830 Primebonnick Character Overview 08/06/14 03:18PM 8 Approved
500824 Primebonnick Character Overview 08/06/14 03:09PM 2 Approved
484330 Primebonnick Character Overview 07/15/14 03:17PM 4 Approved
484329 Primebonnick Character Overview 07/15/14 03:14PM 5 Approved
481386 the_tree Character Overview Fixed titles. 07/11/14 06:28AM 1 Approved
453095 Primebonnick Character Overview 06/05/14 05:24PM 12 Approved
421582 Delphic Character Guide 04/30/14 11:57AM 94 Approved
419040 ms-lola Character Overview Corrected errors in the character's introduction. 04/26/14 12:39PM 16 Approved
418021 ARamirez_19 Character Overview spelling check 04/24/14 08:26PM 1 Approved
415215 ShadowPro Character Overview 04/19/14 01:17PM 44 Approved
395871 doomsday1 Character Overview 03/24/14 05:13AM 3 Approved
365039 PowerHerc Character Overview 02/11/14 07:14PM 16 Approved
251920 oceanmaster21 Character Overview i have always underestimating sentry looks like ima have to stop bc hes a beast 10/18/13 08:55PM 1 Denied
212539 Killemall Character Overview 09/15/13 02:41AM 92 Approved
180989 pikahyper Character Overview 08/12/13 10:09AM 2 Approved
178110 DrunkVader Character Overview spelling error and added beserker strength 08/09/13 10:14AM 3 Approved
177020 DrunkVader Character Overview 08/08/13 02:01PM 5 Approved
172226 Kid_Nacho Character Overview 08/03/13 05:23AM 86 Approved
165258 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview 07/27/13 08:28PM 1 Approved
162448 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview 07/25/13 06:11PM 1 Approved
157904 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview spelling error 07/21/13 09:27PM 1 Approved
157896 CosmicCommonSense Character Overview spelling error 07/21/13 09:16PM 1 Approved
157293 LordRequiem Character Overview Added current events 07/21/13 10:29AM 28 Approved
146972 X35 Character Overview 07/13/13 02:06PM 2 Approved
146970 X35 Character Overview 07/13/13 02:05PM 4 Approved
146931 X35 Character Overview 07/13/13 01:40PM 2 Approved
146930 X35 Character Overview 07/13/13 01:40PM 8 Approved
110919 X35 Character Overview 06/16/13 05:08AM 2 Approved
105631 God_Spawn Character Overview 06/11/13 05:54PM 14 Approved
53367 AmishAvenger Character Overview Added what if 05/08/13 08:52AM 47 Approved
22774 X35 Character Overview 04/15/13 05:32AM 10 Approved
17141 PowerHerc Character Overview 04/11/13 04:48PM 27 Approved

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