Sentry should return!

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Am I the only one who thinks Sentry should return. Well obviously i'm not te only one who thinks this, but Sentry was a good character. He is my second favorite character, maybe tied with Hyperion for second. If Marvel was to bring him back, the could bring him back without the Void persona for a bit, and see how it works. If they like it, they can use the Void for a sort of main villain for Sentry too. ( Well he already sort of was Sentry's main villain in a way ) I'm pretty sure Sentry will return soon, it's just a matter of time, before he does!

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Too polarizing to return anytime soon, frankly. Just look at almost any internet discussion about him. There are a large number of vocal fans who want this character to cease to exist forever and never be mentioned again. Right now, they're getting what they want.

There's a decent chance he'll be back 'someday'. Someday can, of course, be five, ten, or twenty years from now, and I hope that he does return with a writer who will do the concept the justice it deserves. Yes, the Sentry is in many ways a comic book about comic books, but it's also a tale of mental illness and addiction and all too human failings combined with the power to write those problems large across the sky, and with one all too mortal mind struggling to make it right.

Let's hope we see him again someday but understand that, if we do, we'll be lucky to.

I should add, frankly, that the Sentry needs to have the reset button pressed. Easy enough to do -- just declare that the Sentry we saw had always been a manifestation of the Void, which had grown increasingly insane without the actual Sentry to hold it back. THERE. :P

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definitely agree he should be brought back i liked sentry a lot i dont get why people would get so upset about him returning thats just lame could definitely be taken by a competent writer and be made great

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I hope he does so the New Hyperion can go all out on him, plus he a good character.Thor may go after him again as well!

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Marvel ruined him...He had so much potential. Yes I would really like for him to return, but written better!

Sentry:Fallen Son did hint that he may return.

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