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Sakuraoka is a very free spirited and needy person. She is one of few people that cares that she has died. Sakuraoka is the type of girl that needs a guy in her life. She seems to do whatever is felt necessary to get Kei Kurono to fall in love with her.

Sakuraoka is very brave as well. She doesn't hesitate to fight enemies unlike most first time hunters. Little is known of Sakuraoka before her death other than she was old enough to drive and was taking martial arts classes.

Buddha Alien Mission

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Sakuraoka is met with several others new to Gantz at the beginning of the Buddha Alien Mission. Kei is the first person she decides to interact with. Sakuraoka follows Kei after he goes to cry over Kishimoto liking Masaru over him. Sakuraoka takes interest in Kei and believes him an Otaku(person that dresses up like anime,manga,and other mass media charatcers). Kei wonders why she wasnt with the others after a while. Sakuraoka reveals being attracted to Kei and was somehow moved by his crying over a girl. Kei boldly asks her to have sex with him. Sakuraoka surprisingly agrees and Kishimoto catches the two.

Sakuraoka decides to listen to Kei about the Gantz suit. The other new Gantz Hunters listen to the buddist priest that convinces the newcomers to pray and wait for divine judgment. The mission begins and Sakuraoka lingers around Kei until they cross the Twin Buddha Giants. She helps Kei and the veterans while others just run around screaming. Kei begins to act on his own with a new outlook on his life as a superhuman hunter in Gantz missions.

Sakuraoka is the only one Kei acknowledges after defeating the Buddha Giants with the aid of a mysterious sniper none were aware of in the Gantz Room. She reveals wanting to spend more time with Kei if they truly are alive and able to return to their normal lives.

They are interrupted by the Titan Buddha that Kei immediately goes to kill but is easily knocked away. Sakuraoka doesn't help the others when Kei isnt with them to protect an idle man. She instead goes to the man's car and honks his horn. This was done because the man wasnt aware of all that was going on as the aliens and hunters were invisible.

After the Titan Buddha is killed Sakuraoka makes it known that her and Kei will be a couple. Soon she encounters the boss Hundred Arms Alien that kills Kishimoto and causes Kei to go berserk (while Masaru just cries).

A hidden laser kills Sakuraoka
A hidden laser kills Sakuraoka

Sakuraoka fights off multiple lesser buddha aliens while Kei attempts to kill the Hundred Arms alien. He fails and it literally cost Kei an arm and a leg. Sakuraoka removes Kei from battle and is aware the Hundred Arms alive can heal itself and unleash a corosive liquid able to eat through the Gantz Suit with ease. Masaru leaves to get the Y-Gun kicked from his hand earlier. Sakuraoka remains to protect Kei when the Hundred Arms alien finds her and Kei. She decides to fight the alien despite seeing how many have died. Sakuraoka wants Kei to promise to love her if she wins. The Hundred Arms alien cant land any hit on the woman. Sakuraoka manages to kick the container of corrosive fluid onto the device that regenerates the alien boss. She grows to confident after maiming the Hundred Arms alien but she dies after a laser beam shoots through her from the alien

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