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Paula has been fat since she was a child. Her father passed as a young girl, leaving her to attempt to receive affection from her cold, distant mother. She lost herself in every famous couple alive. She read romance novels and dreamed of meeting prince charming. She was always dieting, starving herself and exercising to try and fit the "hollywood" look, but it never worked. Try as she might she remained heavy. Entering High School and then college, things never got better. Longing for a boyfriend, she never had one. She blamed this on her appearance and mostly her weight.

When the ax-cell-erator exploded, she gained the ability to make people fall in love with her. Shortly after, when Jacques (The Squirel) said she should name herself "Beer Goggles" she got her revenge by forcing him to fall for her. She was injured on the dam fighting the jocks, though, and lost her power over him. In this she and he realized that they really did love each other, not just because of her powers.

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