The skrull invasion was failed from the get go... sort of.

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 So I was rereading house of M and suddenly i was hit with some crazy idea that you may or may not agree with. 
             The skrull invasion would not have ever had a chance at being succesful or even last a decent time. Reason why there are characters who would just wipe em out case in point. 
The scarlet witch. Sure she is still out of comission but eventually some unlucky snotty skrulls would have come up on her house and opened up a truckload of unwanted magic and chaos. Talk about bad days, heck she could just say if they get her mad enough no more skrulls...  
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The molecule man, he can basically make the skrulls go away... all they have to do is come on him trying to be alone misunderstand it as an attack and boom theyre race is on the other side of the galaxy. 
And eventually characters  sentry and the hulk family could midigate Most of what the skrulls could do... also there is always the pantheons, I know asgard and Greek pantheons were pretty much used and abused at the time But im sure some important would have made a deal with mephisto... heck the hood was in the fight, could have been a last minute decision.  
Are there any characters i didnt think of please post. Also im you dissagree please explain.
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Yup. hell not countign hte first 2, Sentry and Hulk could easily take them out. if not for what ever reason it would only be a matter of time before the Chaos King would appear and kill them all with a few waves of his hands.
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Your right there are a bunch of characters that could solo or at least give them a hard time. 

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