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Pitch: Steve Rogers has a block ops team of avengers, they're going to be bad ass but no one can know. They'll seek out dangers and snuff them out before they become too big. Brubaker's gonna write it.  
Me: That sounds mega, I want on the ground floor , I've loved Brubaker's work and I love x-force so this should fun. 
Reality: This series really hasn't delivered for me, I mean it checks a lot of boxes for me but maybe that's the problem. It's ticking off things on a list that should create a really good book but I just don't care. I don't care if the team are found out, I don't care if they win, I'm more invested in Max Fury than some of the good guys. It's just capturing my imagination and let me tell you why. 
I don't give a crap about Shang Chi or his dad. I really don't Shang Chi is not fit to be in the same room as Cap never mind on the same cover, his dad is just not compelling as a threat. Look at x-force as comparable, they go after purifiers, apocalypse, Stryfe & Bastion. Serious threats to wipe out mutants, whereas Shang Chi's dad has got influence over the chinese government? What the hell do I care, is his power to hyper inflate the Renminbi against the Dollar? Increase export taxes? He's got half a face, just give him a slap. 
Anyway that's not my only issue, while I do like that Shang Chi was written to get a few licks in on cap he is 'master of kung fu' after all. I felt those pages were unnecessary and could have been used to develop the rest of the team. Beast for example is shown tearing out someones chest, how isn't he despairing that he's doing the same thing he got away from the X-men over? In fact that just pisses me off. War Machine is barely uttered, what the hell? Antman should be flapping as he's a bit of coward and might feel out of his depth. All scenes which would have been better than anything with Shang Chi in it.  
Good points about the book, Brubaker's doing a good job with Cap. He's a good guy and believes in doing the right thing in the right way, he's also a soldier and will do what it takes to win his actions here aren't cheating they're just good tactics. John Steele, I'm interested in this guy he's a possible nemesis for cap other than the red skull. Max Fury, I shouldn't like this guy as on paper it's a lazy way to create a bad guy but something about how he's written just appeals to me, in fact the whole shadow council stuff intrigues me. It's been written in such a way to avoid being a rip off Hydra but a legitimate threat.
I'm going to stick with the book but if I was to make a recommendation to anyone I'd say wait out until this storyline is over.

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