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Things are going to explode next issue.

Issue 7 of Secret Avengers. 
The Story :We have more fighting with Steve,Black Widow and Shang-Chi against the Hai-Dai.Shang-Chi gets kidnapped but Ant-Man saves him.We also have Valkyrie and Prince of Orphans capture a grunt of the Shadow Council to get information out of him and John Steele is preparing to fight Steve. 
The Good :Well Brubaker is setting up a couple of things like Thorndrake at his meditating room wich might come up later.Also Eric O'Grady did get a couple good lines.Also the past relationship between John and Steve seems really interesting.Also the banter between Vlakyrie and the Prince of Orphans was pretty good.Also Deodato Jr is always great. 
The Bad :Where in blue blazes is Moon Knight ? He is on the cover and this arc seems like a perfect place to show him off since he does know martial arts.He is the character that I had any previous knowledge and I want to see Brubaker's take on the character and he is barely using him.Also this issue was set-up and it was boring,now you might say Justice League: Generation Lost has a lot of set-up issue's but oddly enough Judd Winick is able to make it fun but Brubaker can't. 
The Verdict :This issue was kinda boring but the stuff will pay off since Brubaker doesn't do things without reason.This is a buy.

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