Scott Snyder on Who Should Get the Kryptonite Ring After Batman

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There's been a bit of talk about the Kryptonite Ring around here this week. The original story (before the New 52 happened) was Lex Luthor had a Kryptonite Ring to use against Superman. He was so arrogant that he wore it without realizing the effects its radioactive properties could have on him (he ended up losing his hand). The ring later ended up making its way to Gotham where Batman gained possession of it. In an early encounter between the two, Superman decided he trusted Batman enough to keep the ring and hold onto it in case he ever lost control and needed someone to take him down.


In a topic I brought up in 2010 after Batman "died," I discussed who should get the ring if something should happen to him. At this year's Long Beach Comic and Horror Con, I asked Josh Fialkov, Jim McCann, Scott Lobdell, Brian Buccellato, Jimmy Palmiotti, J.T. Krul and Sam Humphries what they thought. You can watch that video HERE if you haven't already.

This got me thinking, how would Scott Snyder, the writer of BATMAN and upcoming writer of a new Superman series in 2013, answer this question?

I'd say that after Bruce, it'd be a non-super. I could see it being Lois, Jimmy, even Lana, depending on what stories develop with them from here.

As a note, I'm working off pre-52 feelings, here, and for me, in that context, it's hard to imagine anyone getting it after Bruce. It's not a close race. Bruce is a friend to him on every level. Super, non super. Their friendship is one of the most interesting and rich in comics, in and out of the cowl and cape. There's no one else as close to him as Bruce, who understands the burdens on both sides of the equation. They're allies on a different level than Clark and other supers.

And with WW, I think she'd be a great candidate, and I wouldn't be surprised or argue with the choice to give her the ring - maybe I'd write it that way, if I had to write that scene in current cont.- maybe I'd find myself believing that. Logistically, it makes more sense, as she's powerful enough to get near him, and so on. But for me, Lois Lane has the best compass of anyone he knows, ethically, pragmatically, after Bruce. He admires that about her: she never wavers from the truth of a situation, she seeks it out, no matter how ugly it is. So feelings or not, she'd do what needed to be done.


Keep in mind this is not an official DC Comics/New 52 answer. It's not even clear if the ring actually exists in the New 52 or if the exchange between Batman and Superman happened. We know most of Batman's continuity has remained and it's possible this could have happened in a slightly different manner. It's just fun to hear the writer's thoughts as a fan of the characters.

A lot of people felt Nightwing, Wonder Woman or Alfred should get it. Scott is going with a non-super. Does that make sense to you? Would you want the responsibility of keeping it, hoping Superman's enemies didn't find out and come looking for it?

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I like his idea alot. Especially with Lois getting it

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Clearly the ring would be the most safe in the hands of the Joker.

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I think Lois would be too emotionally invested. Batman made sense because he is willing to do what needs to be done in spite of his emotional investment towards Clark. Which is why I think Wonder Woman should have it (should already have one). She is willing to do what needs to be done for the greater good, she snapped a man's neck to save Superman and Batman, after all. At least, pre-New 52. But I like to think that trait of hers still lingers about.

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Doesnt make sense to me that a normal human would get it. If Superman went overboard one day, whats going to stop him from shooting that person from a distance or throwing a building at them?

Batman is a safe bet because he is more likely to know when the ring might be needed before Superman went south (which I think is also a very significant reason Superman gave it to him in the first place).

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I fail to see how anybody close to Superman could use the ring objectively if there were circumstances where Superman out of control, so I reject the list mentioned. Tim Drake is the former Robin most like Bruce; it should be he who holds the ring after Batman.

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No one, Superman takes it back. Giving it to Jimmy, Lois or Lana? His best-friend and his two former lovers? How would they stop him if he went rouge?

And none of the Bat-Brats, either. Why would Superman put his trust in a bunch of kids he's old enough to birth?

Superman ought to pocket it.

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Wonder Woman should still get it.

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#8 Posted by Yung ANcient One (5248 posts) - - Show Bio
So why can't Flash keep it? (+)
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As if the ring is an automatic Superman off switch lol

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what i dont is what is it with the sudden interest in the ring?

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Grayson makes the most sense, he is just as incorruptible and trustworthy as Bruce but more positive and probably less likely to go down any dark paths that could lead to improper use of the ring. Then again, that lack of negativity may make him unwilling or uninterested in having the ring at all. I really can't wait for them to explore Clark and Dick's relationship in the new 52, which was so strong and such a big part of Nightwing's character before.

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Jimmy is not a bad choice.

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Superman should keep it in the fortress but leave some kind of code for it. Having said that, the ring is way too small to be a Superman off switch. Hush clearly showed that. But Dick would be a good second choice.

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I'm still bummed that the Green Lantern's rings aren't made of Kryptonite. Guy Gardner fighting Superman is a battle I would love to see. Ah well.

The problem is that whoever has the ring is going to be a target for everyone who wants the ring, meaning giving it to a non-super is just asking for them to get hurt. A lot. I reckon the ideal person to keep it would be a magic-based hero such as Doctor Fate (oh yeah!), the Phantom Stranger or (at a pinch) Zatanna. They would have their own abilities to keep the ring safe yet available should the need arise.

And, unlike Wonder Woman or anyone else who is close friends of Superman, Doctor Fate or the Phantom Stranger would be aloof enough to we willing enough to use it without emotions getting in the way.

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@theTimeStreamer: I thought it was clear in the write up. I wrote about this in 2010. At a convention, I asked several creators to get their opinions and just ran the video. Because Scott wasn't at that convention, I just thought it'd be interesting to see what he thought.

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It should go to Terry McGinnis.

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I agree, Lois or Jimmy are logical choices. It would have to be one of them since Superman would only give it to someone close, someone he knows he can trust. Also, Batman is a non-super so the idea that he would yet again give it to a non-super is not out of the question.

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Wonder Woman should get it for all the reasons already listed.Even with her and Supes hooking up I think if s#$t went down she would still use it for the greater good. Definitely not Lois or Jimmy or a non-super.

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I think it should go to Batman who then gives it to someone else so Clark doesn't know who has the ring. If Bruce kept it, Clark could take him out and be done with it.

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@Superguy1591 said:

No one, Superman takes it back. Giving it to Jimmy, Lois or Lana? His best-friend and his two former lovers? How would they stop him if he went rouge?

And none of the Bat-Brats, either. Why would Superman put his trust in a bunch of kids he's old enough to birth?

Superman ought to pocket it.

That idea is passé , no one should have it. There are more powerful heroes in the comic book universe that don't hand people keys to their weaknesses, despite being unstable characters. So why should superman? It's just a lazy plot device.  
If the kryptonite is used, it should be by villains trying to hurt supes. His colleagues have no business having that.
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I believe it should somehow end up in the hands of one of the Green Lanterns

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#22 Posted by gmanfromheck (41917 posts) - - Show Bio

I added some more to the original post a little bit ago.

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Wonder Woman should take the ring!

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I think Bruce would make sure it went to Dick, especially since he was Batman for a while.

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I think Snyder has it right: who gets the ring after Batman is not necessarily the one who USES it on Superman. Lois Lane makes sense, particularly the pre-New 52 one that was married to him, because she has enough understanding of Kal-El, Superman, and Clark Kent to know if he was too far gone and the Kryptonite Ring would have to be used. Maybe Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman are the ones that would be chosen to use it in battle. As much as Lois loves Superman/Clark, her own devotion to truth, justice, and the American Way, overrides it... she still might hesitate but to think she's a "typical" girl that is ruled by her lovey-dovey feelings is missing the whole point of Lois.

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So, Bruce, and Lois know supe better than anyone else as a person, and thus as superman as well. I like that a lot. However if supe goes bad, or more likely, if another kryptonian causes trouble Lois can't do anything to stop that. Also her having the ring wouldn't be the safest place to keep it. It would be a one shot deal where maybe she somehow saves the day, but in the end she'd end up losing it to someone (hopefully a hero), or just giving it away to someone she trusts. So they can save the day.

I like Lois having the ring symbolically, but not as a story device. I mean, how would lex not find out?

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Let's collectively use but 2% of our collective intelligence. If Clark were to fall under control of a nefarious sort, any 'non super' would be toast ring or no ring.

Clark could hover at a distance completely unbeknownst to a regular human, and proceed to turn them to fine ash without even getting near said 'ring'. He could blitz faster than the kryptonite could take full effect. The fact he doesn't or hasn't can be chalked up to a combination of 'plot' and 'morals'. Without which, Luthor would have been paste time and again with but a splash of realism and given Superman's 'on paper' power-set.

All that said, I'd opt for Wonder Woman without a moments hesitation ... giving it to Lois is a death sentence and highly irresponsible IMHO.

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Easy answer: trust it to Bruce who passes it to WW in an emergency. Involve the whole trinity.

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I'll say it again: Batman. Let's be serious people. There is no 'After Batman'. There is a continuous stream of Batman. Even if Bruce Wayne dies, there will be another Batman. And Another. And Another. There is Batman even in the 853rd century (seriously). So again. It's going to be Batman.

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Personally I never really like the idea of a K ring. It's a writers easy way out of things. In that regard I applaud Morrison on what he implied through AC that Kryptonite is dangerous to everyone not just Krypotonians. Meaning the radiation would effect humans much more than what it did in the pre-52 continuity.

I think if Supes were to go rouge, it should be dealt with whatever the situation calls for. Having said that I don't see nor want any use of a K-ring to keep Supes on a leash.

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Come on. Diana is the most logical person because she will do what needs to be done. She is the most pragmatic of the Trinity. She always has been the one that does the hard stuff. What hard stuff has Lois ever had to do in terms of understanding the dangers of a mind controlled Superman? Diana is powerful enough to try to stop him before even subjecting him to the ring. And if he is rampaging what the hell is a ring supposed to do? One swipe and Lois and she's dead. It's not that she can't recognize the need for it but I don't think she could execute what needs to be done. Please, Wonder Woman would risk breaking up her friendship to keep the world safe as she did before. She would always do what needed to be done for the greater good. A non hero having it is silly. I would say give it to even Nightwing or Steel if we had to.

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Is Lois going to tickle him with the ring? Th whole point in using that ring is when Superman is out of control and an unstoppable force of rage and power. It is not about ethics only or having gumption. Ethically you could give it to Perry White, or Alfred. But the only people who should have it logically would be Nightwing and Wonder Woman. It's be a hell lot more interesting to see Diana able to use it on him even while dating him because she is a hero and trained warrior who knows how to the do the hard stuff. That is why she is Wonder Woman in the very first place. Not because she recognizes moral dilemmas...but she actually DID do it in the past even while caring deeply for Superman as much as Batman did.

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I believe it would be Wonder Woman to inherit the Kryptonite.

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Lol! Batman punched the Fk out of supes in the picture:-)

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Martian Manhunter would be a good choice, WW too, or Green Arrow, though i doubt that'd EVER happen.

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jason should get it

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If it got to a point where Lois had to use the thing, Superman would have no moral compunction about lasering her face off. The point of giving it to Bruce is that he's the only one Clark could trust to use it before something truly terrible happened. Giving it to Wonder Woman makes no sense, as she's shown, multiple times, that she just likes to beat up other Leaguers. 

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No one should have it,DESTROY THE RING.

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Lois Lane. Definitely.

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I would give it to Lex Luthor.....yes....maybe he is smart enough to loose a hand again...:)

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#42 Posted by wmwadeii (3323 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd have to agree it being a non Super. I appreciated that the only person with Kryptonite always on hand to stop Superman in the Smallville series was his friends.

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#43 Posted by Cyborg6971 (204 posts) - - Show Bio

I retcon my former statements to say "It belongs in a museum".

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#44 Posted by SmoothJammin (2595 posts) - - Show Bio

Warning: Wall of Scans ahead

It's between Wondy and Nightwing for me. You have to admire Diana's headstrong nature, she's never afraid to pull the trigger in times of need. Dick's not exactly gun shy either. If it's mandatory non-super than I choose Nightwing. He's served as an unofficial third wheel of World's Finest and gotten to know Supes pretty well over the years(pre-FP).

He's a nephew figure to Superman. The bond between an uncle and nephew isn't as strained as father/son, boyfriend/girlfriend, or bestfriend. There exists a little leeway there to keep things from getting too personal.


Grayson is like the ultimate Superman fanboy, that doesn't mean there haven't been times when he's stood up to him and opted to do things his own way. (Darker Shade of Justice anyone?) At the end of the day Clark thinks very highly of Nightwing, and trusts him to do the right thing in the face of adversity. Who else can get away with something like this?


He watched Robin grow up for petes sake.

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#45 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

It does make sense to me to have Lois be the ring-bearer after Bruce in pecking order. Not the current Lois of course, not until they get into a relationship on down the line. For now then it would seem that maybe Diana is the best candidate.

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#46 Posted by namtabmi (102 posts) - - Show Bio

Lois getting the ring makes a lot of sense. As mentioned, she has an unshakeable moral compass. (and in my opinion is destined to be with superman ( Clark ) ....even though Wonder Woman is with him at the moment.

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#47 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29887 posts) - - Show Bio

@BoyWander said:

I'll say it again: Batman. Let's be serious people. There is no 'After Batman'. There is a continuous stream of Batman. Even if Bruce Wayne dies, there will be another Batman. And Another. And Another. There is Batman even in the 853rd century (seriously). So again. It's going to be Batman.

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Obviously Flash or Diana.

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Maybe the Kryptonite ring shouldn't exist in the current continuity. It's so closely associated with Lex -- he's tough act to follow.

After Lex, I honestly can't buy the idea of anyone other than Batman having it.

It's just the most plausible scenario for me ... either Lex or Bruce.

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