What Happened to the Scott Pilgrim Movie?

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I gave up on getting riled over movie stats a long time ago. How much a movie grosses, how well it gets received by critics and how many awards it wins are all things that are out of my hands, so what’s the use of any frustration? All that really matters at the end of the day is how much I liked the movie itself. That being said, I’m tremendously disappointed by SCOTT PILLGRIM VS. THE WORLD’s box office performance this past weekend. It was really one of the best movies I’ve seen all year and certainly one of the most endlessly-fun experiences I’ve ever had at the movies... 
...and it only grossed $10 million.

So what happened?Everybody’s got an opinion. And there’s been a lot of commentary at the LA Times, Deadline, Geeks of Doom and ComicsBeat, to name only just a few.

I think the answer’s as basic as it being really, really unfortunate timing to open this against THE EXPENDABLES and EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Both movies were already counter-programming eachother - - the ultimate guy’s movie vs. the ultimate chick flick, an ensemble throwback to the macho 80s action vs. a darling of Oprah’s book club. So what did that make SCOTT PILGRIM? Counter-programming to counter-programming? The movie was a hybrid of romantic comedy and kung fu action - - something that could straddle the gender lines and make for a great date movie onany other weekend. If they’d opened it against PIRANHA 3D, NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS, TAKERS or anything else coming out in the rest of August, I think it would’ve cleaned up. But most people only see one movie on a weekend and this positioning forced casual audiences to choose. == TEASER ==

Another explanation is that too many free, advanced screenings cut into the core audience (something that supposedly hurt SERENITY’s performance as well.) I don't have any numbers before me, but that sounds  like it'd be a reasonable contribution. If fans have already seen a movie for free, how many are really going to pay to see it again?

I wonder if this might represent a generational divide, too. Everybody keeps saying how "anybody over 35" doesn't get this or KICK-ASS. Well, KICK-ASS did alright at the theaters (some called it an underperformer,) but now Bleeding Cool's pointing out that it's making a lot of money on Blu-Ray, DVD and download. Maybe it’s just an issue of the "young people" preferring to watch it at home, just a few months later, instead of in a packed, noisy theater?
Regardless, seeing this movie debut at #5 and get labeled a flop already is a bitter pill to swallow.  Especially when it's getting so many good reviews. I haven't seen any other movies more than once this year, but I'm making a point to go see this again and as for you Comic Vine maniacs, if you haven't seen this movie...


Tom Pinchuk’s the writer of HYBRID BASTARDS! & UNIMAGINABLE. Order them on Amazon here & here.

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It's failing because of that damned over-hype Expendables movie!

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A movie that's targeted at a specific audience is always going to fare poorly at the Box Office. I myself didn't enjoy the movie, but I'll say that it was well made.

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Scott Pilgrim or Expendables?
Sorry in my case it's Expendables... Plus, the movie did not premier here in Mexico...

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i hate michael cera sorry pilgrim fans but i will give my money to the EXPENDABLES! as you might have guessed by my username

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I've heard that Scott Pilgrim is getting some excellent reviews and who knows maybe this weekend will be it's up week after everyone went to see Expendables last week

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It was the best movie i have see all year...I loved it....OOOOO Coins
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Its failing because people don't seem to want good movies any more they want brain dead drivel 

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Ahhhh ComicVine... how I love thee, everyone on Screened are getting all excited that The Expendables beat out Scott Pilgrim!

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it's what it opened up against. hopefully it'll pick up this weekend.

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Scott Pilgrim was awesome, my boy friend and i saw the midnight showing then went again the next day. it was good, i have never read the comic and i loved it. it was fun, nonstop action and comedy. i told many people to see it. but i guess they didnt lisetn. damm you over macho movie!

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Yes, it's a shame it didn't do so well.  I'm hoping the good reviews will give it a steady increase (same happened with The Crow if I remember right).

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I think that it's a niche movie that even very few comic book fans wanted to see. Everyone that wanted to see it, has already saw it. 
I had no interest at all in seeing it. I didn't even know who Scott Pilgrim was (or it was a comic book) until the movie previews/articles starting coming out. And I'm a comic fan, I've seen just about every comic book related movie, either in theater or DVD. The casting and previews for the movie made me want to see it even less. The casting and previews remind me of a teen age drama movie for high school kids. I haven't seen the Expendables yet, but I at least want to see it - if I'm at the theater then we'll choose Expendables over Scott Pilgrim.
In comparison to Kick-Ass, that's at least something that I had wanted to see in the theater but didn't get around to seeing it, then I saw it on BD via Netflix just last week. I don't expect to even watch Scott Pilgrim via DVD/BD even from Netflix.

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 It failed because the causal movie going audience saw the trailer and said WTF is this. They received it the same way they did grindhouse. You have to remember we are comic geeks that loves this type of stuff, we do not speak for the rest of the movie going audience. I think if it would have came out against Piranah 3d it would have still lost. I bet you that movie(piranah 3d) will do better at the box office because it looks like one of those fun Dawn of the Dead remake type movie.

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I think this is more an issue of the movie really lacking a lot of main stream appeal more than anything. I personally haven't seen it, but that's due in large part to the fact that I only recently started reading the graphic novels, and I don't want to see the movie until I've read the other books. My fear with this movie though is that cutting essentially six books down to a two hour movie is really going to hurt a lot of the good character development bits. Personally, I would have rather seen it split into two movies to allow for more character development and such, but I guess I'll have to see how it was handled once I get a chance to see it.

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The big issue to me is Expendables had NAMES. That was even their big advertisin point. Forget showin the plot, show who we got. Though I'll say this, saw Scott, didn' see Expendables, so... I have no idea if Expendables will keep said lead next week. But really, 5th? I'm gonna say that slow SLOW beginnin killed alota "you have to see this movie!" buzz. ^_^
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I was just as surprised about it. I go for the 7:00 showing on opening night and there are only Ten people in the theater including myself! 
Another reason I think it failed was poor advertising. I didn't see a lot of Scott Pilgrim outside of Comic locations, Youtube, and Video Game retail areas. I never saw an advertisement for it on FOX or any other major TV station. Heck, I didn't even see much of it in Entertainment Weekly. They tried to sell Scott Pilgrim to a specific audience and I think that has part to do with why it didn't do so well.

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Two things- Michael Cera & the same thing Kick Ass suffered from - bad marketing. I'm probably in Scott Pilgrim's prime demo and barely heard a peep about the movie until 2 days before it was released. For a movie that doesn't have Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Statham, Lungren, Jet Li, Schwarzenegger, et al in it, you might want to advertise a bit more. Michael Cera can't put butts in seats on his own. Cast Justin Bieber and the film would've made 40mil.

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I'm surprised it only grossed 10 mil, when I went to see it the theater was packed to the gills, but opening against those two movies likely hurt it allot.  Hopefully it picks up this week, I enjoyed the movie allot and so did the people I saw it with, maybe some good word of mouth will up it's gross.
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#19 Posted by Kid_Zombie (824 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry. Was at the cottage this weekend. But i'm seeing it this week!

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#20 Edited by jonasLighter (90 posts) - - Show Bio

I actually saw both scott pigrim and the expendables, which was my intention.

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I have not seen the movie yet so I do not know how good it is but, for some reason I thought this movie was not going to be that successful and I guess I was right.  

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#22 Posted by Mumbles (858 posts) - - Show Bio

glad it flopped

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#23 Posted by Dr. Maxwell (676 posts) - - Show Bio

I want that poster, I thought the movie was amazing, you didnt need to be a fan of the comic to enjoy it, but it helped, but I'd say you had to be a videogame or music fan to enjoy it if you hadnt read the original work

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This is a case of the vocal minority. I know personally I was almost overwhelmed by the positive press this film was getting, if we do our jobs as fans we'll bring in friends and family to watch this awesome thing. I did my part by seeing Expendables AND Pilgrim, I was not the consumer that just sees one movie in a weekend!

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Eh, I'm just happy I saw the Expendables.

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The biggest thing that hurt Pilgrim was the fact it opened alongside Expendables. Its just like when the new Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movies came out, just about everything suffered for like a month because of those movies. I haven't seen Pilgrim yet, and it looks pretty good, but when I go to the movies I am looking for big explosions or huge scifi action. For a movie like Pilgrim I will wait till it comes out on DVD. Plus I am not a big Michael Cera fan.

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If it was my choice I would have seen Expendables to over Scott Pilgrim. But, my cousin wanted to see it so I saw it this weekend. A lot better then I thought it was going to be. It was really funny. I still want to see Expendables though and YAY!!!!!!! Expendables beat Eat, Pray, and Love!!!!!

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I saw it over the weekend as well and thoroughly enjoyed it. My gf was another story lol...but she owed me because I saw "The Bounty Hunter" with her, which was an actual God-awful movie.  
Anyways, I loved it, thought it was hialrious and gorundbreaking, but it does have a pretty specific target audience, so I can see why it wouldn't do THAT well.  
Still a little shocked over just how low the box office numbers were though...

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@Mooned Knight said:
"I did my part by seeing Expendables AND Pilgrim, I was not the consumer that just sees one movie in a weekend!"

I take it you think everyone has that kind of money to throw around? Let's not judge others who don't have money like you or would just rather wait to see a movie in the comfort of their own home. Besides...  I didn't think Scott Pilgrim or Expendables looked that good anyway.
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This was one of the best movie experiences I've had inside a theater.  It was deliriously fun and the whole audience (none of whom I think were over the age of 25) was really into it.  It's also my favorite movie of the year.  Yes I even enjoyed this more than Inception.  Brilliant editing and storytelling is always a given with Edgar Wright's films and this is the best of the bunch.  The action scenes (wonderfully done by Brad Allan)  were all fun and just as lively as the color palate.  I think this the kind of movie critics will look back on ten years on and so forth as one of those great cult films.  

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You know what? I saw Expendables at the midnight preimere, and anyone can tell you, I am a die-hard Stathem fan, and this movie made my life. 
The next day I saw Scott Pilgrim
It blew The Expendables out of the water. Scott Pilgrim, was a far better movie then the Expendable in my opinion, and that's saying a lot. SP made me laugh, cringe, and kept me on the edge of my seat, pretty much the entire time. So it not making that much really shocks me

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Whilst I dislike Michael Cera and the directing style of Edgar Wright (yet still rank Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead as two of my favourite films) and hated the look of the film and its hipness (and the fact that Scott Pilgrim looks unappealing as a character and Ramona I just want to punch) I did not wish this movie to do quite so poorly. I think the ad campaign did not help much (especialyl when the advertisment onslaught of the Expendables consists of over emphasising the stallone/willis/governator portion). I mean, a typical welshy such as myself would look at the Scott Pilgrim trailer and think, a bunch of gits being hip, and then look at the Expendables and go... that looks like the ultimate 80's action movie! I am so there baby!

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I'm seeing Expendables, Scott, Salt, Piranhas 3D for a laugh as well as a few that have already come out. Box Office Weekends are always annoying anyway, cinemas are packed and always filled with coughers, loud chewers, talkers, and depending on the certificate, annoying kids' parties, sometimes always best to see it later on. Also get the fact that people you actually care for their opinions might have seen them already, like with Scott. My friends says it's a blast!

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YEAH WOOO EXPENDABLES and I'm proud to have watch it rather than scott pilgrim

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#35 Posted by Korg (11351 posts) - - Show Bio

Everyone I know would rather see The Expendables, or just watch Inception again. Like Shatterstar said, my friends and I are in the target demographic for this movie. However, we all knew about it for weeks, and none of us have any desire to see it. The ads with Chris Evans in them just make me shake my head. I don't need to see him in some goofy third-string role when I'm supposed to be taking him seriously as Captain America next year. His performances in the Fantastic Four movies are hard enough to repress as it is. I don't need another overly corny portrayal of him on the big screen. Also, as many have said, Michael Cera. He is not good. The trailers all looked cheesy as hell, and although people say the film has great kung-fu action sequences, I have a seriously hard time believing that at all. I also wasn't a fan of Hot Fuzz, which is a movie that has been linked to Scott Pilgrim due to sharing the same director. I felt it dragged until the last 20-30 minutes, and that's not experience I'm looking to repeat.

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scott pilgrim is being called a flop cuz it looks stupid as hell.

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#37 Posted by deactivated-579fe0ae58107 (1318 posts) - - Show Bio

Here's why I'm waiting to see it. I have free movie passes. I'll probably Netflix The Expendables. My wife is over Julia Roberts. I'm more of a Sandra Bullock fan anymore anyway. As I understand it this movie takes all six or seven of the graphic novels and puts them all in one movie. Instead of going for a franchise - I know, I know, half-dozen of one, six of the other there...why franchise Scott Pilgrim? Why not? I used to be able to go see more movies or see a movie more than once. I might save that for Green Lantern, or Thor, or Cap, or something next year. I'm not much into video games, and Scott Pilgrim is a video gamer-comic book movie adaptation. I read somewhere that it's like aimed at the Nintendo crowd. I could be wrong about that, but that may be a pretty narrow appeal. I'm definitely going to see it. Eventually. When I can afford to.

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I personally decided to see Scott Pilgrim instead of Expendables, I'm glad I did. 
I will most definitely see a it second time, likely a third time, then buy it on DVD or Blue-Ray.  

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Michael Cera doesnt have what it takes to carry a movie...

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I thought this was a great movie :\

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#41 Posted by ms__omega (5047 posts) - - Show Bio


  Check out this honest review of the movie
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so it really flopped huh? i'm hoping to see it tonight
oh, and people over 35 didn't like kick ass? my dad is 50 and he liked it

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Kick -ass and Scott P. was Awesome

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I could'nt go, because I'm...........la..zy.
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I haven't seen this movie, it hasn't been released here yet, nor I am that interested in watching it. I haven't read the books and I didn't like what I saw in the trailers. I would probably watch the Expendables if it was released here too. But I must say it, the marketing for this movie was bad.

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I really hate to say this, but you can never, and I mean never compete with the ULTIMATE guys movie. 
Scott Pilgrim may be good, but its still a teenager flick.

 Expandable's however, is more of a "BIG BOY" movie recommended for those who are above the drinking age, and I guess alot of people wanted to see the "BIG BOY" movie. 
I know that It doesn't make sense, you wouldn't understand a damn thing any of the actors are saying, mindless action scenes, and lots, and lots and lots and lots and lots of bullets, knives, punches, ninja kicks, explosions, and more explosions that would either have you leaving the stadium remembering those great action flicks from the 80's and going "HEEEEEEELLLL YEAAAAAAAH" or just not getting it and probably would never get a single chance in life to enjoy manhood like many critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Scott Pilgrim was great. Special effects and acting beyond awesome.

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SP is overrated

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As a person who's also living in Mexico it was the same for me. 
Also I'm kinda pissed off that Cinepolis (the biggest movie theater chain in the country) is saying that Scott Pilgrim is opening here on October 8th.
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Had free tickets for expendibles for the weekend, will probebly watch Scott Pilgrim either tonight or over the upcoming weekend. 
Speaking of seats, the theatre that I went saw Expendibles at wasn't even packed, there were probably only 25 to 30 seats filled. 
But give Scott Pilgrim time... Even Titanic opened with crappy numbers- word of mouth drove that one to the moon.

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