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Not smiling anymore... - Daredevils #11
Not smiling anymore... - Daredevils #11

Scatterbrain feeds on the strong emotions of others, can disorient others or disable neural functions, levitate, and fire energy blasts. She is strong enough to battle the Fury hand to hand, and has been stated to live at least for the next 300 years.

Scatterbrain was one of the Technet members who formed the hero group N-Men, mentored by Night Crawler.


Fascination vs the Fury - Daredevils #11
Fascination vs the Fury - Daredevils #11

She has the power to render a victim temporarily helpless by firing all of the victim's neural synapses at once. She apparently needs to be close to her victim in order to do this. She subsists on the excess emotional energy of sentient beings.

Excalibur #42
Excalibur #42

She has the ability to fly, and in fact usually floats above the ground, her feet not touching it.

She has the power to teleport herself.

Other Media


X-MEN: The Animated Series

Scatterbrain and the rest of the N-Men/Technet were seen in Proteus, Part 1

(Episode 49) .

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