Is Wanda more F.U.B.A.R than Hulk (ult), Zod ad Loki ??

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I've been catching up on yester-years comics and only starting to find out what kind of a bloody mess the Witch left behind. I think Bendis pushed it way too far, he tries to write interesting psychologically messed up character like Sentry but Bendis usually 'screws the pooch'. While getting in the whole disaster the Witch created I can't see how its gonna be fixed. This is worse than when Hal went Parallax
 She is responsible almost for wiping out an entire race of people, nuking them into extinction like dinosaurs, her actions meet the UN definition of genocide.
As it stands.
There is no way she can be a hero again

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Well im not saying she will turn hero or ever be trusted again but young Avengers:Childrens Crusade is doing their best and explaining or fixing her and im actually enjoying it
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Quicksilver manipulated her during her break down to do all the things that led her eventually crumbling and uttering "no more mutants" he's more at fault than she is. She had a psychological breakdown and was just used by someone else. if anyone needs to be taken accountable its Pietro

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@DH69: Amen.
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I don't think that Bendis tried to write an interesting psychologically compelling character to be honest. Scarlet Witch was his second choice to be the catalyst that lead to Avengers break up, House of M, and a way to allow Marvel/him, to hand select a bunch of new Avengers and cut mutant numbers. (so he basically tried to write a deus ex machina so it resembled Wanda and was interesting) This is comics as well. Jean Grey has still killed 6 times as many beings, and is still recognized as a hero. How believable will people find a reformed Scarlet Witch? I am not sure, a lot of people brought House of M, and her actions to date? I'd figure they would go along with the plot no matter what at this stage. My personal wish is that they (the writers) try and not use characters for plot changes, and woah behold, I am sort of getting my wish in Children's Crusade. 

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keep Wanda dead and keep Sentry dead 

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No, Wanda can be redeemed.

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The Witch is crazy enough to be capable of killing those she loves. In her new, power-removed condition, Wanda has returned to her sweet, original 1960s innocent personality, and unaware of her true Bendis-verse mass murdering past.

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@MutenRoshi said:

keep Wanda dead and keep Sentry dead

and again...KEEP SENTRY DEAD!

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Well, Children's Crusade gave her a way back to being a hero again. It is not the best written series, but I don't think anyone can argue that the artwork is bad or that the exposition doesn't plug up a lot of plot holes.

Spoilers for Children's Crusade:

It was revealed that she was possessed by the power of the Lifestream. Dr. Doom introduced her to it.

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