strider1992's Scarlet Spider #15 - In the Midst of Wolves Part 3 review

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Lines were crossed!

The Good:

Yost continues his amazing storytelling in this issue and brings out the bada$$ side of the "Other" that we should have seen in Spider-man and didn't. The issue was as usual well written and finished on a cliff-hanger teasing whats next in store for Kaine. It was good to see things from Aracely's perspective as well. The fight that went down here as promised was brutal with Scarlet Spider tearing into his opponents (literally).

The Bad:

Khoi Pham's art while a major improvement on the last issue was still lacking slightly but over-all he did a good job. Not great but good enough.

The Verdict:

This would have gotten the full 5 stars had Khoi been on his top game as the story and portrayal of the characters in this was great as was the brutally portrayed fight scene. However while good it wasn't great thus it gets 4 stars from me. Still a great issue though and well worth picking up.

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