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The Wolves At My Door

When it was announced that the Superior Spider-Man was going to be an anti-hero, I was afraid this book was going to suffer. Kaine is an anti-hero, and lets face it, the main Spider-Man book will always crush the other's in sales. I hope this continues to do well, because it's a fun book, and in my opinion the better of the "Spider-Man" books currently (my opinion, and my opinion only).

In the beginning of this series Kaine took in a young girl named Aracely. She was found in a container full of dead bodies, and she has psychic powers.

Apparently the human trafficking going down in Houston is due to Mexican werewolves (that can talk). That's different enough, and I wonder if the duo shown here are actually the ones in charge, or henchmen. That's one thing this book is lacking, a major villain for Kaine. Based on the dream Aracely had, I think I'm right.

The wolves find Kaine and Aracely in the park enjoying ice cream, and go in for the kill. This had a dark ending, but of course what they are hinting at won't actually happen.

A year I took a chance with this book, and I'm glad I did. I look forward to it every month. It took a little down turn during the Minimum Carnage story, but we are now back to what made it good.

In my opinion, the reason this book was a more enjoyable read than the Superior Spider-Man is this, the likable characters. Yes Kaine was a killer, and a really bad guy in the past. Since Spider Island though, he has been looking for redemption, and tries to do the right thing. The supporting characters are also likable. I didn't get that in Superior. The only reason to compare the two, is the fact they are both now "dark anti-heroes." (supposedly).

Looking forward to next month's issue to find out how Kaine will get out of this sticky situation.

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