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Mircroland! 0

The Good : Pham art was stellar in this issue! The story countiues where we last left off. Plenty of smart remarks to go around from Kaine! The Venom and scarlet spider fight was done well !! Plenty fist and tongue to around. The parody of venom and scarlet was excellent and is why I love this crossover! The Microverse was a trip! I can't say I was expecting a world like this! The bad: we only get few names of the characters who busted out Carnage. More of caranage would of been nice as we...

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Worth Thwipping Up 0

Recommendation: "Yep, definitely worth thwipping up!"The Minimum Carnage mini-event continues here!Last week we were introduced to this story arc with Minimum Carnage Alpha, the beginning, as it were. Now we will get a few weeks of crossovers in the Scarlet Spider and Venom titles. It is a pretty neat idea, and a nice way to tie these two Spidey Thwip-Off series together. The mini-event will end with Minimum Carnage Omega, seems fitting. It will all take place within two months, October-November...

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Scarlet Spider vs. Venom 0

I have been enjoying the Scarlet Spider series so far and am enjoying seeing another anti hero in Marvel. I also liked the start of this Minimum Carnage crossover and was looking forward to seeing Scarlet Spider vs. Venom.This issue sees Venom and Scarlet Spider square off after the end of the Minimum Carnage Alpha issue. Before the fight properly kicks in Flash looses control of the Venom symbiote and becomes full Venom trying to eat Scarlet Spider. Scarlet Spider tries everything he can to dro...

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Kaine vs. Flash 0

Chapter 2 of "Minimum Carnage" has what I think is a major turning point for Scarlet Spider. Both Kaine and Flash Thompson have this bad-boy-attitude but with a heart, that makes them very appealing. Khoi Pham's pencils are great as well.Please check my mini-review of Scarlet Spider #10 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Wow, this was a tough one to write 0

This review was published in my school newspaper.As you may have noticed, my reviews thus far have been exclusively focused on DC comics, with little to no discussion of Marvel. Well, confession time, I don’t read too many Marvel comics these days. Though I love Marvel’s characters and movies, the questionable story directions that the management of Marvel has taken several characters in has turned me off from most stories, what Marvel editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada did to Spiderman is worth anoth...

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