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All the powers, none of the responsiblities. 0

When I saw that Marvel was going to start writing a Scarlet Spider book, I was intrigued. I do not keep up with Spider-Man that much, other than in the Avenger titles that I pick up, so I know little about the background of Kane. I felt that this would be a good jumping on point for someone how has not read a Spidey book but wants to start.In this first issue we find Kane at the Port of Houston. He plans to head to Mexico after the events of Spider-Island. While in Houston, Kane overhears someon...

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Noteworthy and befitting of appraisal 0

My First Review EverLately, I haven’t kept up to date with much of Marvel Comics. Marvel comics in particular didn’t really present nor offer anything of interest to a new comic book reader from my standpoint. All I saw from Marvel was overpowered characters lacking in character. Stories, which were part of a much bigger realm, a universe tying down a character down one specific reality. I in particular had a problem with that for several reasons. Trying to make the Marvel universe cohesive in l...

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My sweat is sweating 0

THE GOODI REALLY enjoyed this issue. Coming from ZERO background, it was an easy jumping on point. The last few pages of the book were even dedicated to getting new readers up to speed with all the crazy goings on for the Scarlet Spider up to this point - man was the back-story confusing!This story on the other had, was not confusing at all. The art and writing were spot on. We see Kaine dealing with everyday problems, people, as well as his own torment. The story was a great mix of character di...

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Comic Review -- Scarlet Spider #1 / Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...Okay, now I've gone and done it. I went and shelled out $3.99 for a print comic book, mere days after it was released. This doesn't happen with me very often these days, for several reasons:$3.99 is damned expensive for a comic, and don't start on any talk of inflation. The current prices for comics are way above the inflation rate for other goods and products.I lost my first collection of comic books to time, circumstance, and di...

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Not the same clone but still awesome 0

Just to get it out of the way. I'm a fan of the scarlet spider ever since i was a kid and I was sad to find out years later that he died. But after reading spider-island and hearing about this tittle I knew i had to pick it up and you know what? I hope it ends up having the same success as venom because this started pretty damn good. it may not start that action packed, but it's a great character driven story with a spider twist in it......It's so good I'm not so sorry about what I just said.......

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The return of Scarlet Spider 0

Synopsis: Coming off of Spider-Island completely healed, Ben Reilly Kaine goes on the run, trying to avoid being a hero.What's Good?Ben Reilly Kaine, has always been a tricky character to write about. He always comes back at unusual times, and I always seem to forget that he was a clone slowly degenerating. He really didn't seem to have a purpose, but to kill. During Spider-Island, Kaine was cured of his cellular degeneration and was given a chance to actually live for himself. The question is h...

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Kaine is the New Scarlet Spider 0

This is my video review for Scarlet Spider issue 1. This comic book is about Kaine becoming a hero known as the Scarlet Spider but doing things in his own way....

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From a new fan 0

Okay first off I never really read much of "The Clone Saga" and the recent "Spider Island" so jumping into this I was a little worried I might get lost. There is a "story thus far" in it so it helped. I have to say I definitely digging this comic and where it is going. It is way different from Spiderman as in chracter and story wise. Kaine is a total badass. The part where he somewhat saves the old woman made me laugh a bit, but it show how the repercussions of those action reflected upon Kaine....

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Batman + Spider-Man + a shave =Scarlet Spider #1 0

The first part of this issue felt like the part of "Batman Begins" when he's at the docks terrifying/fighting Falcone's goons. I have really grown to like Kaine as a "not so bad as he was before" type of hero but even when he was a villain I liked him but there were always signs he had some good in him. Grim Hunt really set the stage for him to become a more heroic character and Spider-Island solidified it. I really liked how Yost and Stegman portray Kaine as a "dark" Peter Parker trying to not ...

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Scarlet Spider webbed it’s way from eBay to my doorstep. 0

Scarlet Spider webbed it’s way from eBay to my doorstep. So, how was the first issue?Pretty darn good. It does an excellent job of laying out the character of Kaine, using a few flashbacks to inform new readers just who this clone of Peter Parker is, what he’s capable of, and his intentions. At the same time it sets up its own story very well, having him reluctantly become a hero and dealing with human trafficking. Scarlet Spider gets 4 out of 5 stars!...

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