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 Just as a note, this post will be obscenely long. I swear, Calendar Man will be the longest one! If you enjoy good plots, you may read. If you just want to skim, I can't blame you. All set? Okay, here it goes:

Calender Man
Origin: Shortly after Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham and became Batman, he contended with a dangerous serial killer hellbent on killing Wayne over the 12 days of Christmas. Because the killer never made a direct attack on Wayne, instead attempting to blow up his car with Semtex, Batman was forced to dig deeper into this killer's history to uncover his identity. After researching three past murders that fit the man's MO (on Easter, doctors in the Labor and Delivery Unit at St. James hospital were paralyzed with an Easter Egg gas bomb, then killed with a scalpel; a group of thugs were slaughtered by a man with a scythe and a skull mask on Halloween; a woman was killed with an arrow to the heart on Valentines Day) Batman was able to run an analysis to see what connected the victims. The result was Julian Day. The man had been born on an Easter, the same day his mother had died in childbirth. One Halloween, he was viciously beaten and molested by a group of thugs. On Valentine's Day, his wife divorced him. And finally, one Christmas, he was callously fired from his desk job at Wayne Enterprises, along with many others during seasonal layoffs. This combination of horrible events caused him to strike out at those who had wronged him on holidays, and Bruce was next on the list. Wayne went out in public, announcing that there would be no layoffs this year. Boiling with hatred, Day showed up at the press conference, attempting to kill Wayne outright and thus revealing himself to the public. After Wayne disappeared while the security guards were fighting with Day, the deranged murderer (after killing the guards) threatened to murder everyone in the room, killing them one by one until Wayne came back and surrendered himself. Fortunately, Batman arrived and intervened. Day apprehended after an extensive and brutal hand to hand fight. He would subsequently appear many times, choosing to kill innocent people on holidays for the sole purpose of wrecking the Gotham's enjoyment. As he once said to his therapist at Arkham: "...That's why I chose to kill on the holidays. As long as I'm around, every day that's intended to be happy will be nothing but a nightmare. It's my own special way to strike at the soul of the city that ruined me, my own way to twist the knife." This pattern of killing would eventually become a deep rooted psychological compulsion.

Appearance: Although he does not have a costume, Day's choice of appearance is somewhat governed by his obsession. He has the dates of various holidays tattooed in places on his body. He generally wears simple clothes, such as jeans, T-shirt of trench coat. He is also physically fit, although wiry, and has a degree of skill in fighting. He carries weapons that a both lethal and poetic, such as poison derived from mistletoe on Christmas, or a carving knife on Thanksgiving.

Killer Moth
Origin: Drury Walker was simply a low level freelance enforcer. He worked for whoever would hire him, and generally craved a more infamous position in the underworld. He got his wish when he was hired by a shadowy ecoterrorist looking to strike out at a large company called Chlorogene. After the ecoterrorist (in reality Pamela Isley, the CEO of Chlorogene's daughter) provided a high tech lunar powered suit of armor using funds embezzled from her father's company, Walker was sent to assassinate the CEO. He took the title Killer Moth for 2 reasons: (1) He was addicted to a mental stimulant known on the street as "Lyte", (2) he decided that the suit would allow him to become a champion of the underworld, and an anti Batman; thus, he took a name that would signify his role as a bat's "natural enemy". Although his assassination attempt was foiled, Moth would become a dangerous mercenary after a stint in Blackgate, working commonly for Sal Maroni as a bodyguard and enforcer.

Appearance: The white and black body armor Moth was provided with allowed for a variety of weapons and features, including lunar powered laser cannons mounted on the forearms, and flight capabilities. The suit has bright yellow eyepieces on the helmet, as well as synaptic controls that allow him to fire his weapons without a trigger. The suit was said by Isley to be based on Firefly's military grade body armor, only "more advanced and eco-friendly".

Maximillian Zeus
Origin: As a charismatic technology mogul with a very successful company, Zeus was quite famous in Gotham, enjoying a position of high society and an excellent reputation. Of course, this was because most people were unaware of his side job; creating weapons and selling them to the mob. The Grecian arms dealer also had another secret; when taken off his prescribed medications, the charismatic Zeus become a delusional sociopath with a massive God Complex. Believing himself to be the reincarnation on the almighty Greek god Zeus, Maximillian was dangerously unstable. After some of his men were captured by the police, they agreed to testify against their employer during DA Rachel Dawes' prosecution of Zeus. After learning of this conspiracy through Athena, his chief of intelligence, he sent 3 assassins- an Indian snake charmer, codenamed Medusa, an armored mercenary with a helmet that shot out laser blasts, codenamed Cyclops, and a Greek hitman with a lethal fighting style and a variety of toxins, codenamed Chimera. Although the assassins attacked the prison transport containing Zeus' captured men, they were prevented from murdering them by Robin (Tim Drake), who had been investigating Zeus at Batman's request. After Drake took down Medusa and Cyclops, he cornered Chimera. The assassin began praying intensely in ancient Greek, causing a massive lightning blast to come out of the sky and almost kill Drake. Later on, Oracle theorized that Zeus was behind the lightning attack, most likely caused by an electron cannon. After digging up some top secret financial records for Zeus' company online, Oracle discovered that Zeus had a large airship constructed for his personal use, one that created artificial cloud cover around it, and was invisible to radar. She figured that he wouldn't show up at the courthouse where he was supposed to be prosecuted, and would instead try to assault the courthouse with his cannon. Using this information, Drake was able to infiltrate the airship using the Batwing, and apprehend Zeus. Although sentenced to Arkham Asylum, he has escaped many times, allowing him to continue his arms dealing business, albeit while in hiding.

Appearance: Zeus is a middle aged man in his early forties, with neatly trimmed curly gray hair and a full beard and mustache combo. While on his medication he seems to be fond of a royal blue business suit and solid gold signet rings. While in his delusional god persona, Zeus dons a black and gold body armor, complete with a long red cape. This suit allows for him to fire a variety of electrical blasts, both for stunning, and more lethal attacks.

So what do you think of lame villains 1 through 3? Give me your opinions! Tomorrow I will do 4-6 on Black Mask's page.

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Calender Man has became cool in recent years, Killer Moth has always been one of my favorites just because of his goofiness, with Maxie Zeus I think he is totally lame.

Just out of curiosity why did you post this on the Scarecrow's forums instead of one of the villains covered in your little blog?

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