Ultimate Sauron

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He should be evil as all hell  and start as a ghost Rider Villian.  He is a mad scientist Karl Lycos from Cuba that tests the abilities of various animals and tested them on others of the opposite species.  After a while the government wanted him to use the formula on soldiers to fight America but later tested diffrent animal formulas on himself and attack America on his own.  He got the hypnotism of a cobra and breathing fire at a deadly pace of a bombader beetle, and the blood sucking ability of a leech.  After a fight in the museum of Natural history, Ghost rider jams the skull of a pterodactyle threw his heart killing.  But instead the shul fuses with his body due to the other animal chemicals in Lycoss body and turns him into a Pterodactlye-man monster. He should take over the morlocks and rage war against humans.  He has control over his transformation and uses his hypnosis to scare people but can only do it in his human. form.  when he fights ghost Rider and  the X-Men he turns into a deadly giant pteranodon.  In human form he should have deadly snake like eyes.

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Sauron has fought the X-Men?

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Yep.  Numerous times.  In the original marvel universe.

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Sauron... from LOTR?

This guy?
This guy?

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No, Pterodactyl guy

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mehhh... the laboratory and the test and the government its waaay tooo clichee.

srlsy I can do better than that...... but not right now cause I dont feel like writting just one thing.

he should be king of the savage lands and lord of  the ancient ones ( dinosaurs), thats right screw kazar  that cheap rip tarzan with a sabertooth tiger instead of a chimp or a gorila.
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Sauron is the worst X-men character since....Abnoxio the Clown and Eye-Scream

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Dude I just have fun with this.

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@Sheep-Kill: Some people get too serious you know how it goes for every fan there two people who hate it
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Yeah thats true.

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