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Old One Eye, with Satanus in the background
Old One Eye, with Satanus in the background

Appearing in 2000ad and the Judge Dredd Megazine - Satanus, son of Old One Eye, the evil hag Tyrannosaur from the first series of Flesh.

Satanus was originally killed by his Mother, but resurrected millions of years later by scientists for a national dinosaur park (this story was written many years before Jurassic Park). After developing a taste for human flesh he escaped into the Cursed Earth, where he became the leader of his own tyrannosaur pack.

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Judge Dredd would encounter the dinosaur on his quest across the Cursed Earth. Offered up as a sacrifice by the towns people of Repentance, Dredd gets free and raises the town to the ground as punishment for the inhabitants treachery, but Satanus escapes.

Years later, a sample of the tyrannosaur's plasma (being held in a Mega-City One lab) would be stolen and misused by lab assistant Cyril J Ratfinkle, who wondered what would happen if someone drank the blood of Satanus. After feeding it to his unknowing neighbour, Rex Peters, he finds out. Peters turns in to a monster, with a hunger for raw meat. After eating his wife, he is filled with remorse and when he is eventually shot by Dredd, he thanks the Judge for putting him out of his misery.

Satanus later returned in another 2000ad story - Nemesis the Warlock. This time, Thoth, Nemesis son, rescues the dinosaur from a Cursed Earth travelling circus and takes him back to the future with him as a 'pet', using him to kill his enemies.

Thoth eventually becomes worried for his pet, who has stopped eating, so decides to send Satanus back to his own time, where he takes a mate.

In more recent years, Satanus has made a comeback in the pages of the Judge Dredd Megazine in the sequels Blood of Satanus 2 and 3, where attempts are made to raise him from hell.

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