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So? Who got tickets?! 
 I wasn't able to buy a 4-day pass, and by the time I finally got to check out Friday was sold out. I still bought Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Anyone knows if getting a 1-day pass for Friday only will be possible at a later date? I know they're allowing refunds until July, so I'm assuming these tickets are gonna be put back for sale. hopefully I can grab one for friday! I'll be doing the trip from Canada and it would be great to be there for all 4 days! 
How did you guys find the shopping experience?

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I'm a fan of all shopping experiences involving websites crashing within minutes. Its sort of like walking into a department store and having the doors lock while you're inside and the cashiers disappear. 

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If you didn't get a chance to get tickets this year (as many didn't), some companies are still running contests and promotions; all hope isn't lost! I know Radical Publishing is running a contest now-- Good luck!

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