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 It's coming...
 It's coming...

San Diego Comic Con draws near. It’s only a week away! The con’s just released its complete programming schedule and the sheer number of panels planned is nothing short of staggering. Here’s just a sample of some of the bigger ones…. 


Marvel Comics

And there are Writers Unite! panels featuring scribes from both respective companies. == TEASER ==

Comic-Based Movies & Shows

And for anybody attending SDCC… might I * AHEM * humbly suggest * AHEM * you attend the Archaia All-Access panel that’s happening from 6:30 to 7:30 Friday night in room 9. I’ll be speaking on the panel and I guarantee  it’ll blow every single attendee’s mind.

Anyway, we’re all about serving the interests of the Comic Vine community. So we're giving those of you who can’t attend SDCC the chance to experience it vicariously through us .We’ll be your surrogates and your avatars, so let us know what you want us to cover! As I said, what I’ve listed here is only a small sampling. Go on to Comic Con’s official site, look over the programming schedule and throw out some requests down below - - we'll do our best to fufill as many as we can. 
And once again, I'm looking forward to meeting more of you Comic Vine maniacs at the show!

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Studios and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on

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Walking Dead panel pretty please!!!

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Spider man and Avengers panel from marvel please !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
and   Batman: The Return, Superman: Man of Tomorrow  & Green Lantern: Emerald Empire from DC pretty please

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@Tom Pinchuk said:
  • Vertigo: The New Classics & On the Edge "

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@Lady Tlieso said:
"Walking Dead panel pretty please!!! "

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waking dead or cowboys and aliens pretty please (puppy dog eyes)

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@Tom Pinchuk:  Find out anything you can about, Lady Shiva, Cassandra Cain, and White Canary. These are all DCU characters in case you didnt know. I'm not sure who or where you'd track down said information but thats why they pay you the big bucks, ha. Gail Simone might be a good start though. Good looking out. Dont make me have to track you down.
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@lazystudent said:
" waking dead or cowboys and aliens pretty please (puppy dog eyes) "
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X-Men and Women of Marvel would be my picks.

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@Tom Pinchuk  Vertigo definitely.  Please find out anything regarding future Mouse Guard plans also.  Looking forward to the Black Axe.

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My picks would be Mondo Marvel, Cup O Joe, and Marvel Studios, please.

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X-men and Women of Marvel!

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What about Dark Horse Comics?  Do they have any movies planned for any of their titles?  Do they have any new titles of interest for readers?   
Being 100% shallow here, but I wants me some more pics of da ladies in costumes.  Just sayin'.....(don't leave the ladies out, show some buff and good looking dudes too)   

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@Decept-O said:
"   What about Dark Horse Comics?  Do they have any movies planned for any of their titles?  Do they have any new titles of interest for readers?    Being 100% shallow here, but I wants me some more pics of da ladies in costumes.  Just sayin'.....(don't leave the ladies out, show some buff and good looking dudes too)     "

the Conan movie? I mean Dark Horse publishes the Conan comics but then again they don't own the character himself so I don't know if there'd be anything on that
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the batman, superman and green latern panel. The Green Lantern Movie panel,  geoff jogns and grant morrison panel plx!!!

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No Caption Provided
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my picks would be:  

  • Batman: The Return, Superman: Man of Tomorrow  & Green Lantern: Emerald Empire 
  • X-men and spider-man panels 
  • AMC's The Walking Dead   (Pretty Please!!!!)
  • Focuses on Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison     
  • Vertigo: The New Classics & On the Edge  
  • Warner Bros.:   Green Lantern 
  • The Women of Marvel 
  • Marvel Vs Capcom 3: fate of two worlds!
  • the image comics show 
  • Spotlight  on JMS ( J. Michael straczynski)  
  • Wildstorm: storm front ( I think wildstorm fans would be pleased with this choice!)
I know ALL  these panels can't be covered but I think some of these choices of panels, will make people happy! :)
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Please cover any info on the future of HEROES. Thanks.

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#19 Posted by logan48227 (299 posts) - - Show Bio
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#21 Posted by Mediant (366 posts) - - Show Bio

12:00pm - The Official Aspen Comics Panel 
1:30pm - Top Cow 'We Create Multimedia" 

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I'll leave it to you Babs and G-Man, you guys have good taste.  I'm pretty good with just about anything, I'm a sponge waiting for your information overload. :)

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Ia m going to be there I can not wait  

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I would like to know if Comicvine will have a spot where fans can meet the staff or give them gifts.
Any certain spot?  Or is it just sort of hoping to run into you guys?

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Well I'm going to be there but I would love it CV covers these:

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Walking Dead and X-Men panels PLEASE!!!!!!

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I must Second Dan as Zombie stuff is good.  On that note ANYTHING World War Z related is a must. :)  
Comic related it's all about Green Lantern.  I hope they release a trailer!   
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marvel: x-men 
marvel: spider-man
dc comics writers unite! 
breaking into comics 
gears of war 3 
the black panel 2010 
marvel comic writers unite 
hasbro: marvel toys (figure out y their distribution sucks so bad) 
marvel: the women of marvel
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I would love to see some coverage of the Marvel Universe toys

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Women of Marvel and anything Daredevil ..:)

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 My TOP 15 if I was to actually get there!!!!
What I'd die for:

 1) Dynamite Entertainment Speaks With Fans One on One 
  (what's going on with Red Sonja, how about the Phantom?  What about the CHAOS! Comics acquisition we gonna see awesome omnibuses? How about Vampirella what's going on with her?)

 2) BOOM! Studios Panel 
(What' coming up for Michael Alan Nelson... one of my fave comic writers?  Anything Cthulhu/HEX related... is it the Cthulhu Chronicles?)?

The rest: 

 3) Partners In Image Comics  
 4) DCU Online
(get me one of those BETA Keys!!!! :-)  
(sounds cool, what's in store?)
 6) Stan Lee @ BOOM!  
 7) Robert Kirkman 101
 8) DC Comic 75th Anniversary  
9) Dark Horse Comics Make Contact 2010 
 10) Avatar Press and Max Brooks 
11) IDW Infestation 2011
12) Aspen Comics Panel
13) The Image Comics Show
14) Superman Man of Tomorrow
15) DC Focus Premiere Teams

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@Lady Tlieso said:
" Walking Dead panel pretty please!!! "
I'd love that. 
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Oh man... I wish i could go!!!

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So much great stuff at Comic-Con!

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walking dead

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Marvel Comics

WOW, sounds REALLY intense! I can't wait for Alan Moore to reveal Fear Itself was actually a story idea proposed by himself 30 years ago. I hope he will sign my copy of Neonomicon #3, the one where the Chuthu does that thing to the puppies. 
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What did they say about Scott Pilgrim vs. the World?

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