SDCC 2011: DC Flashpoint Panel LiveBlog

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With Flashpoint in full gear, what new things will DC bring to the table with this summer event? Welcome to the very first of many live blogs from panels here at San Diego Comic Con! First one up is the Flashpoint panel coming to you live from SDCC in room 6DE.

There's no doubt that with Flashpoint we've seen some insane changes to the DC Universe, but will some of these changes become permanent fixtures in the DCU, and how will Flashpoint, as a whole, affect the DC Revamp in September? Hopefully some of these changes will be answered at this panel.

11:30- Introductions, J.T. Krul, Dan Jeurgens, Sterling Gates, Joel Gomez. Bob Wayne, Senior V.P. of sales steps up to the mic. Wayne Casino Poker Chips are mentioned. They will be giving $100 chips away, which are rare, to great questions.

11:35- Art work for Flashpoint covers and Booster Gold. (My camera isn't working. Awesome!) Deathstroke cover for Flashpoint mini-series, obviously issue #3. Kid Flash cover by Francis Manapul. Sterling Gates talks about how he jumped at the chance to do the Kid Flash tie-in. Tease: There's something in the third issue that will make you want to tear you book apart? They do something with the speed force that's never been done before.

== TEASER ==

11:40- J.T. Krul think he has some of the coolest covers for the Flashpoint mini-series, for the Flying Graysons mini-series. Cover of issue two of the mini-series is on the big screen. Krul talks about the the characters in the book, and how he likes seeing Rag Doll and Doctor Fate in the book.

11:45- Cover for Abin Sur #3 tie in. They left it on the screen for a whole 3 seconds. It was Abin Sur creating a mace construct and smashing someone. Issue 3 of Hal Jordan is up now. It's Hal flying a plane in full gear. Abin Sur cover is back up. Now gone... Outsider #3 cover is up. Looks like Martian Manhunter has smashed the Outsider. He's holding his head. Questions from the audience time...

11:47-Can't hear the questions or answers because the room next to us is horribly loud. It's all annoying bass. Question: Where's Wally? Is he a part of the new 52? Answer: Come to new 52 panel. He will be in Kid Flash #3. Question: Is there one character you wanted to do a Flashpoint character book on that you couldn't? Answer: You'll see a few more pop up. One is living in the DCU and one isn't.

11:51-Question for Sterling: Why is Bart falling on each cover? Answer: He's lost and see issue three. "He's dropped into the future and Francis [Manapul] took that literally." Question: Who's idea was it for the Batman Flashpoint book? Answer: Sounds like they just let Brian Azzarello go nuts. That's what I'm taking from the answers from the panel. Question: Thanks for doing the "Draw the line at $2.99." (He gets a black poker chip) Could these stories become series on their own? Answer: Go to new 52 panel. Pick up Flashpoint #5. It will show you how we get from Flashpoint to the revamp.

11:58- Question: Will we be able to see Flashpoint characters in the revamp? Answer: Characters like Aquaman and Batman don't fit in, but who knows? Maybe in the future. Question/Statement: Guy wants to hear stories about behind the scenes Flashpoint. Answer: Johns wanted to do something big with Flash. It was an overnight process. Not too much info.

12:02- Question: Is Flashpoint a vehicle to bring back a non-popular character? Answer: Johns likes Flash more than Green Lantern. Another question the panel can't really answer.

12:05- Question: Did Reverse Flash do everything on his own? Answer: Flashpoint #5. Question: How was Citizen Cold chosen to be the hero in the mini-series? Answer: Johns really wanted to put Cold in the spotlight and it's his second favorite character. Question: Dove (Hawk and Dove has a question) asks, she only reads what her room mates brings home and leaves on the toilet. How should she get him to read Flashpoint? Answer: Read Flashpoint #1.

12:12- Someone's phone goes off and it's the intro to the old Wonder Woman show, Question: Where is Wally West? Answer: They avoided the question. Something big may be going on with Wally West.

12:20- A couple more questions left. Question: Will Flashpoint herald back to Elseworlds? Answer: It's very Elseworldy... read Flashpoint 5. Question: Flashpoint animated film? Answer: That's a good idea. I don't think anyone thought of that. Question: Minority characters? Strong? Answer: Cyborg, Blue Beetle, Mr. Terrific. Someone from the crowd yells "Flashpoint #5." Would we like to see a Flash movies? Everyone applauds. Question: New 52 question.... come on people. Questions: Why no New Gods? Answer: No real answer. Question: Will Geoff Johns have any Kansas towns in his books. Answer: Flashpoint 5. It's a new punchline! Question: Aquaman-Splashpoint. He gets a chip. Red Lantern guys gets up. Question: Where's Jay Garrick? Answer: Kid Flash #3.

What did I learn from this panel? Two things.

#1 Keep reading

#2 Go to the New 52 panel... which I will be at later I think.

Panel over. See you later!

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Can't wait to here some news. Can't wait to see alot more of these live blogs!!
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I so wish I could be there.
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I hope they talk more about Reverse-Flash, considering he's suppose to be the main antagonist in this event but he haven't even  showed up in the main book yet

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@ClawRavenscroft said:
I so wish I could be there.
Me too. And worse, I'm at work, so I can't even be home watching it live on G4. 
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#5 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

Wayne Casino Chips.... *drool*

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#6 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Man it all looks great! Im definitely wanting to hear more about all this.

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#7 Posted by doordoor123 (3816 posts) - - Show Bio

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arrr, I want a Wayne Chip

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@spider-man 2996 said:

Can't wait to here some news. Can't wait to see alot more of these live blogs!!

I'll be doing them all weekend, so will Gman, and Tom Pinchuck, and Screened will have some great movie news straight from Matt Rorie.

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oh, so much was anwered.
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Sounds like it wasn't super informative with only two real answers given besides telling people to buy specific issues. These panels are never that good because of the little amount of info they can give out.

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I always suspected that Flashpoint would be used as the  explanation as to why the world of the "new 52" is so different.  I could have guessed they wouldn't be answering stuff in that much detail.  I guess we'll have to wait until the 52 panel! 
Great stuff.

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I'm adopting a "wait and see" approach, but I'm still feeling somewhat nervous about this.

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While nice to hear other people are concerned about the lack of Wally West, it seems to be pretty pointless to 'answer questions' when all you are going to reply is; read on!

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@xhavoc86 said:
Wayne Casino Chips.... *drool*
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I'm sure you'll find a casino chip for sale on eBay soon enough.

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This is so cool :) I love it. 

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I'm not too fond of the whole Flashpoint issue. Mostly because I know what this is going to be leading to. It's basically just a vehicle for what is mostly just forced changes.
Those Wayne Casino chips sound kind of cool.

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