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As of yet little is known of her past other than the fact that she owns a tattoo parlour.


Her first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Call of Wonderland #2.

Character Evolution

Thus far very little development has occurred for the character.

Major Story Arcs

Julie Sands is originally introduced as a character entering a library late in the evening on the weekend. Once inside she encounters the Queen of Spades, who gives her a journal written by H.P. Lovecraft. In reading it she becomes aware that the story is more than fiction and aspect of it are true. She is attacked by an unknown monster in the library but manages to escape. Outside she faces once again the same male students, but resorts to some quick physical violence to deal with them. She later finds a business card for a tattoo parlor and goes to investigate, all the while discovering how Lovecraft's journal ties into the realm of Wonderland. After arriving to the Tattoo Parlor she discovers its owner and operator Salome Gray battling a monster the likeness of which she tattooed on a client's back. The two escape together and try to find some answers. After escaping they journey together to an abandoned house where they discover a pathway to Wonderland. When they arrive there they discover the Red Knight who is keen on destroying them. Salome engages the knight while Julie battles a nearby sea monster. In the process they discover that Julie has the power of words in Wonderland while Salome has the power of drawing. They vanquish their foes and return to Earth, but they are drawn back into Wonderland by the power of the Queen of Spades, who needs them to fill the role of the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland.

Powers and Abilities

As of yet she has not exhibited any special powers. She appears to be streetsmart and is a capable motorcycle driver. Like other characters that visit Wonderland she can exert control over things there through her own willpower.

It is implied in other series that the land of Wonderland is similar to that of Myst. If that is the case then Julie is likely correspondingly a Wonderland version of a falseblood.

It is unknown if her assumption of the role as the Queen of Hearts has given her any increased power.


As with the majority of other female characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, the depiction of Salome differs markedly between cover art and the interior depictions of the characters. Zenescope series are well known for both their suggestive and sometimes exploitative depiction of women on the covers while equally portraying women as strong female characters within most of their stories.

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