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Brief History

A classmate of Peter Parker's who wished to be famous like Spider-Man. She developed the costumed identity of Bluebird and employed gadgets to stop crime. Bluebird even helped Spider Man defeat Electro and the Eel when they demanded ten million dollars or would cripple the city's electrical supply. Avril died in car accident while speeding to battle scene involving Spider-Man in order to photograph him. 

Bluebird possessed no superhuman powers and used the following gadgets to fight crime: a retractable rope-line, insulated boots to protect her from electricity, blue paint pellets and ether-filled "Bluebird's Eggs". Avril was also a skilled gymnast.

Other Media

Spectacular Spider-Man

Sally appears in Spectaclar Spider-Man and is voiced by Grey DeLisle. She is the girlfriend of Rand and the best friend of Liz.

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